Stop Wasting Time and Money on Lead Conversion [Webinar]


For today’s digitally driven consumer, life has become more convenient and simple. You can easily search the Internet for providers of the products and services you desire, submit an inquiry through a web form and select the company that responds fastest or with the most favorable deal. At the same time, the rise of eCommerce Read More >

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5 Steps to Align Contact Center KPIs with Customer Experience Strategies


Does your organization have a Customer Experience strategy with set KPIs? Have you implemented either Net Promoter Score or Customer Effort Score? Like most managers, you understand that these metrics provide value. After all, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. At the same time, you may not be sure who is in control or what you can Read More >

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Anana COO Dave Tidwell on Multi-Channel Customer Experience [Guest Blog]

guest blogger

Dave Tidwell, Chief Operating Officer of Genesys partner Anana recently posted a blog on effectively managing the multi-channel customer experience . Dave takes an interesting look at a range of uses cases out there and how business need to take an integrated and chronological look at managing customer interactions across channels to be successful. Take a look Read More >

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5 Strategies to Solve Your Contact Center’s Identity Crisis


Is your contact center having a bit of an identity crisis? Are you at a crossroads where you need to figure out if you are content with what you have or ready to invest in a new way to deliver great customer service? As a customer experience professional, everywhere you look you see tips for Read More >

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3 Ways to Turn Speech Analytics in to Action

Knowledge is power

Turning analytics into action is probably high on the list of both the VP of Customer Experience and the Director of Contact Center Operations. In their attempts to better understand the customer through voice of the customer initiatives, they typically set out to identify and fix any operational efficiency problems or compliance breaches. From there, they Read More >

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Workforce Optimization in a Multi-Channel World [Nemertes Webinar]


The number of touchpoints and channels used by your customers and prospects is exploding, resulting in a seismic shift that will permanently change the contact center landscape. In fact, in our guest Blog post by Lisa Durant of Nemertes Research last week, she said that “The Nemertes 2013-14 Enterprise Technology Benchmark showed that by the end of Read More >

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Avoid the Social Media Customer Service Blind Spot

Social Media Analytics

Here is a common social media issue heard from brands all over the world: if one of my customers posts an issue that requires my company’s immediate attention on Facebook, Twitter or other networks, will the message even be received, or will it go unnoticed in the overwhelming amount of social posts online? For many companies, Read More >

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