3 Customer Experience Strategies That Build Better Brand Loyalty

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There is no simple answer for what keeps customers coming back to a brand, but there are strategies and solutions businesses can use to create customer experiences that have a proven impact on loyalty. We are increasingly seeing the wave of customers expecting their experiences to be seamless across all channels, touchpoints and interactions to be bigger Read More >

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Achieving Success in a Changing Contact Center Environment [Analyst Blog]

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Thanks to the proliferation of social media and mobile devices, the way that customers choose to interact with providers of goods and services is rapidly changing. Channels like Facebook and Twitter, mobile apps, and texting are not only additional channels to voice calls, but often they are the “preferred” first means of contact. Take the Read More >

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Connecting the Customer Experience Value Chain


For any type of company today, the ability to deliver a promised customer experience consistently and seamlessly throughout the customer journey, across all channels, touchpoints and interactions remains an essential business imperative. From a consumer’s perspective, the customer experience journey starts with a brand making a promise, such as easy-to-use products, friendly service, 24/7 availability, fast delivery, and quick resolution. Read More >

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Zen and the Art of Multi-Channel Customer Experience [DEMO Webinar]


Come see a live demo of the Zendesk-Genesys multi-channel customer experience solution on July 10th! Genesys recently announced a partnership with Zendesk.  The goal of the partnership is to deliver a single console for your company’s agents, improving their efficiency and allowing them to deliver superior cloud-based customer experiences. Zendesk specializes in consolidating communication channels, information portals Read More >

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What CX Leaders Can Learn from the World Cup!


“Gooooaaal!”  That’s what I wanted to jump out of my chair and shout more than once yesterday, as I was one of millions in the world watching the nerve-racking USA vs. Belgium World Cup soccer game. Ugh.  As much as Tim Howard and the rest of the team wowed the world with an epic battle, the Read More >

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