Think back to the hours of studying, reading, and writing you did in school, and how it was all summed up with a big blazing letter grade at the end of the semester. We at Genesys just wrapped up our semester of contact center and customer experience thought leadership. Now it’s time to see how well we performed!

We just posted the Genesys Dean’s List of white papers, analyst reports, and eBooks. It’s not a surprise that omnichannel, journey-mapping, self-service IVR, and the future of CX were all highly graded (and popular) topics. Take a look:

How to Transform Digital Customer Experience for the Connected Customer from Altimeter

At a time when technology is affecting how Genesys-Twitter-AltimeterTW Imagepeople go through life, it is also affecting the business of business. Technology is introducing new opportunities to improve customer relationships and ultimately the experiences we want them to have and share. In fact, as crazy as it sounds, with all the new technology, companies now have the opportunity to become more human and more relevant than ever before.  Read more on transforming the digital customer experience in the Altimeter report by Brian Solis. 

Read the guest blog  from CX leader Brian Solis.

The Contact Center Manager’s Survival Guide to Omnichannel Customer Service

Is your contact center prepared to deliver omnichannel customer service? Are you aware of the dangers and pitfalls? Do you have the practical advice and essential know-how to create a 360-degree view of the customer in order to accurately anticipate their needs and create an omnichannel vision? This survival guide can help you get all the answers. Download it today. 

Journey Mapping eBook: An Outside-in Approach to Delivering Great Customer Experiences

Customers engage with your company for a Journey Mapping eBookvariety of reasons such as buying your product, onboarding, or getting support. Each of these is a journey which may involve multiple channels – website, call center, mobile devices or social media.

Customer Journey Management involves taking an outside-in approach from the customer’s perspective to improve customer experience (CX) for your most important customer’s journeys. Find out how to start mapping CX success in this eBook.

Gartner Magic Quadrant Contact Center Infrastructure, Worldwide

The annual Gartner Magic Quadrant Contact Center Infrastructure (CCI) report evaluates contact center vendors on their completeness of vision and ability to execute. For the seventh year in a row, Genesys is placed in the leaders quadrant. Read the Gartner Magic Quadrant CCI report and use it to choose the right contact center solution for your business.

Read more about Deciphering Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant and why it matters in our blog by Scott Kolman.

The IVR Playbook: Your Guide to Choosing, Designing, Developing and Delivering and IVR Platform That Ensures A Great Customer Experience

To compete effectively, organizations often IVR Playbook_LIacknowledge they should implement a best-in-class IVR to deliver optimal customer experiences. However, for reasons that range from cost to a daunting IT project, many organizations relegate IVR to the back burner. Here are three areas an organization should review carefully when determining their IVR needs.

Improve your game and score more wins across the business, with your customers. Achieve your IVR goals by downloading our IVR Playbook here.

Best Practices for Social Customer Service

The debate over who owns social media — marketing or customer service — continues. While marketing took ownership early on to protect the brand, over time it has become clear that many customers prefer to engage with companies over social media for service related issues.

Read how your company can adopt an integrated approach to social media that includes customer service in order to be truly effective.

Best Practices For Omnichannel Customer Experience

Genesys-Img_in_tweet-Best_Practices_For_OmnichannelThe biggest challenge for contact centers today is to see multi-channel customer interactions the same way customers do – as one conversation. Companies that can deliver a seamless omnichannel customer experience (CX) across multiple channels and touchpoints can develop a significant competitive advantage, reduce customer churn and increase profit.

Download this eBook to learn 6 best practices to help you design and deliver omnichannel CX.

Forrester Research Report: Manage the Cross-Touchpoint Journey

Today’s perpetually connected consumer uses an ever-increasing range of touchpoints in order to discover, explore, buy, and engage with brands. This means that customer experience and executives must now shift their approach from optimizing individual touchpoints to identifying high-value cross-touchpoint tasks — and then designing touchpoints that support those tasks, rather than acting in isolation.

Read the Forrester report to learn how to design, implement, and optimize end-to-end customer journeys.

The Value of Experience: How the C-suite Values Customer Experience in the Digital Age

Genesys-Economist-Blog_SegreThe Economist Intelligence Unit released a global study showing that C-suite-led CX initiatives can increase revenues and customer satisfaction while reducing costs. Conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the research of 516 senior level executives in 21 countries explores the impact of customer experience efforts and leadership on business performance.

Frost & Sullivan: From Old School to Next-Gen IVR

For decades IVR has been the front door to the enterprise. An effective IVR system can contribute significantly to a stellar customer service experience. However, many businesses have ignored these systems and have allowed them to slip into an antiquated state.

This Frost & Sullivan white paper explores four realities of IVR today.

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