contact center modernizationAs business professionals, we all deal with competing pressures from multiple sources, but just look at what CIOs have to address. The CEO wants to know which technologies are just a flavor-of-the-month versus what needs to be implemented immediately to ensure the company doesn’t get washed ashore in the next wave of disruptive innovation. The CFO wants to see IT performance metrics and key performance indicators – and, oh, by the way, they’re looking for cost reductions while you’re at it.

As a CIO in today’s world, you’re being asked to drive online initiatives, evaluate cloud options, understand how your business can benefit from technology investments, and ensure regulatory compliance – to name a few.

Where do you start? In 10 Imperatives for CIOs, technology writer John Dodge says, “Focus on strategic initiatives first, and technology fifth.” That’s a pretty logical approach.

So, what exactly are your company’s strategic initiatives? Regardless of your industry, irrespective of what products you make or services you sell, if you don’t have customers, you go out of business. That scenario likely puts customer retention and new customer acquisition fairly high on your company’s list of initiatives.

Consumers have a bountiful number of options today, so (other than your terrific products and services) how can you ensure they choose you? Providing a truly differentiated customer experience is a critical factor. When your customer contacts you via email, web chat, and then a phone call, it’s a loyalty-building experience when the agent knows everything about those previous interactions in their customer journey – without digging, fumbling, or putting the customer on hold.

Your contact center can serve as the hub for delivering a differentiated customer experience. When customers contact your company today, do they get a “wow!” experience? Or do they get a “ho-hum” average experience?

The bad news, according to Forrester research director Michael Gazala, is that average isn’t good enough anymore. Forrester finds the average customer experience has steadily improved for the past several years. The stark reality, according to Gazala, is that with companies “investing more than ever to differentiate their customer experience, your average offering will soon be considered poor.” He predicts that, “In 2015, the race from good to great customer experience will hit the gas pedal.”

Are you ready to hit the gas petal? Or does your contact center need to be modernized to keep your customers from taking an exit ramp to the competition?

The convergence of new technologies with rising customer service expectations means contact center modernization likely needs your immediate attention. To learn more, read Why CIOs Should Modernize Their Contact Centers – NOW. You’ll get the latest insight on not just why you need to take action, but how you can get started. Check it our here today!