customer loyaltySwap for the savings and you will stay for the service. This is one of the messages that a well-known service provider is using to acquire customers from its competitors. It gives you a good idea of what is happening in the highly competitive and crowded telecom industry, where the strategy has significantly shifted from simply acquiring customers to keeping the customers they already have.

According to BIG Research, 85% of telecom customers would consider moving to a competitor based on bad customer service. There are few obstacles to changing service providers and customer loyalty in the industry is a real challenge.

With that in mind, the vital recipe for service providers seeking to gain competitive advantage is to focus on the customer experience, and create stronger relationships with existing customers. Based on the survey Telco Business and Investment Trends for IT, delivered by Ovum, improving customer experience is a high priority for almost 70% of respondents, but when you inquire into the specifics to see what those companies are doing, you always end up with the same response: “there are so many things to do that we need to figure out where to start.

If that sounds familiar and you are in a similar situation, here are three tips to help keep you focused on delivering a brand differentiating experience that drives customer loyalty:

Personalize every interaction: Customers want to be remembered and provided with a personalized experience. Those who feel they are treated as individuals are more satisfied with their experience and more inclined to remain loyal. The way to deliver this is to utilize the abundance of customer data you have to deliver a one-to-one experience based on customer needs and demands.
Make it cross-channel: Customers are demanding immediate answers to their questions and want to interact with their service providers using a broader range of channels, from voice and email to social media and mobile apps.  Moreover, they want to be able to start a conversation in one communication channel and complete it in another, often  having gone through additional ones during the process. They want these interactions to be remembered and to have a seamless conversation across all of them.
Be Proactive: Customers expect to be proactively informed, whether it is for service alerts, notifications or even customized cross-sell and up-sell offers. And they want the service to be integrated into the contact center or live support to complete closed-loop scenarios where customers connect to an agent after receiving a message or offer.

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Elena Pueyo Urssa

Elena is a Principal Business Consultant at Genesys. She has over 13 years of Customer Service consulting and project management with focus on the relationship between business goals and contact center operations. Skilled at understanding the business needs and drivers...