TargetIn their Worldwide Contact Center Infrastructure and Software MarketScape, research firm IDC states, “Customer experience and digital channel customer services have a far more reaching impact on the organization than just customer interaction channels within the contact center.”

In essence, you need to rethink your approach and criteria towards selecting a contact center platform, when the number of channels customers use to communicate with your company has increased along with the complexity of the questions, transactions, listening, and reporting.

These observations and trends have a major impact on the way contact center applications should be designed.

Here are 4 tips you should include in your contact center modernisation effort:

  1. Modernize your infrastructure – A modern contact center platform utilizes your IP network for voice communication.  The days where a monolithic PBX or ACD take heaps of space in your server rooms across all your contact center locations is long gone. A modern infrastructure based on a software approach will greatly increase operational agility and reduced operating cost.
  2. Enable digital communications – Ensure your contact center platform can service your customers, regardless of the way the customer chooses to communicate, through a single application stack. When you have one set of business and routing rules, delivering multi-channel interactions to your workforce in the same way means you can ensure a consistent customer experience while increasing operational efficiency.
  3. Implement modern workforce optimization capabilities –  Ensuring both quality and efficiency becomes a lot trickier when you run a multi-channel operation. When your contact center application offers native capabilities for multi-channel planning and quality management, you save yourself a lot of manual work and reduce implementation risk. You also increase automation levels for your operations teams significantly.
  4. Include work items in your contact center strategy – Delivering on your brand promise means more than picking up the phone or replying to an email on time. It means that you manage the end-to-end business process in a predictable and qualitative manner. When adding the routing of business process work items, you will see an increase in customer satisfaction and better utilization of your people.

Many will argue that to address all of these 4 points, you will probably need multiple solutions as it’s hard to find a single solution that delivers on all functionality.

However, modern contact center solutions actually do offer all these capabilities from a single platform architecture. A single platform architecture reduces cost, but most importantly helps you create a consistent customer experience and ability to consistently measure and improve workforce efficiency and quality.

You can learn more about how a modern contact center is architected by watching our on-demand webinar 7 Golden Rules for Architecting a Modern Contact Center featuring research firm IDC.

Stefan Captijn

Stefan Captijn

Stefan is Senior Director Strategic Marketing at Genesys. Stefan joined Genesys in April 2000, lives in the Amsterdam area with his wife and two children. In his free time, Stefan enjoys building loudspeakers, cycling and running.