mobileDriving customer loyalty while growing market share means competing aggressively. To do that, you need to differentiate both your products and your customer service. Like many consumers out there, I find that my satisfaction and loyalty increase with a company when my effort during critical sales and service interactions goes down. For companies of all sizes, the best way to reduce effort and improve the customer experience (CX) is by meeting and supporting customers like me where we’re always present – on our mobile devices. Today, it is very clearly a mobile-first world.

When it comes to mobile customer service, mobile apps from most companies are typically limited to e-commerce and self-service transactions, with only a few allowing even simple click-to-call voice connections to the company from within the app. When this does happen, the interaction typically sends customers through the ‘front door’ of the contact center, delivering no context or profile information from the mobile app engagement to help facilitate assistance. At the same time, consumers are demanding a growing level of mobile services and effort-reduction in their daily interactions, and many companies are starting to recognize this fact.

Distinguish Your Customer Service from Competitors

Today, nearly 70% of consumers say that a bad experience with a company or firm causes a negative brand perception. The good news is that you can take action right now to improve the mobile customer experience. Adding customer experience enhancements to existing mobile apps and websites can help drive sales, more quickly address customer issues, and improve loyalty. For companies today, there are several ways you can differentiate your mobile customer service and actually reduce contact center costs, arming agents with better information and reducing the time it takes for them to close sales and resolve customer issues. Below are five ways to do it:

  • Add mobile-assisted customer service to your mobile apps to support e-commerce
  • Implement direct-to-agent mobile call routing to speed transactions
  • Make mobile chat more effective with location and context to save time and money
  • Equip field sales and support personnel to improve on-site service
  • Provide proactive customer updates pushed to smartphones to reduce inquiries

As most interactions move to mobile devices in the coming years, great mobile customer experiences come from adding contact center capabilities to mobile apps and websites, radically reducing the effort customers must make during purchase, account change or problem resolution journeys.

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