loyalty programThe influx of smartphones and tablets has changed many communication paradigms – including those surrounding loyalty marketing.  Customers are ready and eager to interact via mobile, and they expect their preferred brands to meet them there in multiple ways including:  web, text, app, email, and voice. Below are five ways that mobile is changing the loyalty landscape:

  1. As a loyalty membership ID: The mobile phone can serve as a replacement for the traditional loyalty card or keychain fob, offering a new way to accrue, track, and redeem rewards
  2. As a points redeemer: While a mobile device as membership ID allows customers to track points, it can also serve as a convenient way to redeem points based on an existing account balance.
  3. As an instant program update channel: Mobile can efficiently connect members to updated program information, program news, and “close to” reward announcements.
  4. As a high-impact communications vehicle: Opportunities exist for consumers to customize their communications preferences, receive location-specific services, and obtain on-demand access to loyalty program information on-the-go.
  5. As a delivery channel for rewards and recognition benefits: Some marketers have already started delivering actual rewards benefits via mobile, whether through apps, 2D barcodes, coupons or member-only games.

Consumers are demanding a richer mobile experience, on their terms. Mobile marketers must remain vigilant and capture, manage, and honor consumer preferences to promote customers to remain engaged and loyal throughout the consumer lifecycle.

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Mark Friedman

Mark Friedman

Mark is the VP/GM of Mobile at Genesys. Mark came to Genesys from the SoundBite Communications acquisition where he lead corporate marketing and business development initiatives leading the development of the mobile marketing business unit with acquisitions of SmartReply, 2ergo...