worforce jediOn December 18th, fans around the world will be treated to another movie masterpiece Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Going by the international hype and trailers, this is a must-see movie for every Star Wars fan and will create a new generation of fans.

As a total Star Wars geek, I am probably one of the many who can’t wait until the big day, and I probably have seen the trailers a dozen times. There is a scene in one of the trailers that tickled my neurons, and made me think about what Star Wars has to do with customer experience and the force… okay, the workforce.

Customer experience is mostly thought of as a technology, but your contact center workforce is as important as any platform or software. When your customers contact you, there is a moment of truth. It is people who transform information, processes, and procedures into a positive interaction and generate customer loyalty.

Helping to awaken the force (the light side, of course) and bring excellent customer service is not a tale from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. It is a reality for agents and managers today.

Here are six Jedi moves you can practice to awaken the force in your contact center:

  1. Ensure your agents receive the right interactions and activities that they are trained and skilled for. You don’t want to send a Jedi in training out into the field until they are ready. Optimize the match between agents and customers though skills-based routing.
  2. Let your agents pick some of their battles. Give your agents more influence on their schedule by letting them define preferences and trade, or bid for shifts that will help them find a better work-life balance.
  3. Tell your agent how they are doing. Are they close to mastering that special Jedi move or do they need to work a bit harder or smarter? Your agents want to know if their performance is on par with their peers or not.
  4. Not everyone is born a master Jedi, and most agents can use more coaching to improve their skills. Monitoring their moves and telling them how to find the root cause of a certain problem, or how to deal with unhappy aliens will help them a great deal.
  5. The lightsaber is probably the ultimate weapon of imagination around the Star Wars universe, but less practical to use in the contact center. However, providing the right tools, like a single agent desktop application to manage all customer interactions may prove to be just as powerful.
  6. Showing the way to advance their career and move up the ranks is a great move to motivate your staff and awaken them to the CX force. Just like Jedis can have different ranks, you can implement an agent competency framework that clearly describes the roles and responsibilities of each function in your organization.

To learn more about creating a great workforce in your contact center, watch a webinar on demand Top 10 Strategies for Modernizing Workforce Optimization.

May the force be with you.

Stefan Captijn

Stefan Captijn

Stefan is Senior Director Strategic Marketing at Genesys. Stefan joined Genesys in April 2000, lives in the Amsterdam area with his wife and two children. In his free time, Stefan enjoys building loudspeakers, cycling and running.