Joe Palca from NPR’s The Salt profiled how two companies are helping Cheesecake Factory create a better customer experience.

Customer SatisfactionJoe’s post details the new data analytics system built by IBM and N2N Global that allows the Cheesecake Factory to gain a single view of their services and product inventory across their global locations, quickly spot any potential issues and make the necessary changes to ensure “absolute customer satisfaction.” For example, if the quality of a burger is questioned in a few locations, the Cheesecake Factory will be able to quickly identify why.

All businesses – whether they’re a midmarket company or a global enterprise – are always looking for ways to improve their customer experience and this new system by IBM and N2N is certainly promising for a handful of reasons: consistency, scale and personalization.

Ultimately, this new initiative is looking to provide a seamless customer experience in all of the Cheesecake Factory locations, regardless of whether the customer is dining in Kuwait City or Rancho Cucamonga, California. Being able to provide a consistent experience at opposite ends of the world is a core component in building trust with the customer. This trust not only translates into powerful tangible results of a returning customer, but also improves the overall customer satisfaction.

What’s also unique about this new system is the leading role technology plays in streamlining customer service processes and scaling any customer service iterations in a global environment. As consumers, we absolutely expect these systems to already be in place, so this new Cheesecake Factory initiative may come across as a “duh” project. However, as employees, especially for anyone that has spent time within a behemoth of an organization understands that change is anything but swift. Cheesecake Factory is showing how the ability to scale can quickly simplify any customer experience.

New customer experience technology – especially technology that leverages the power of big data, like this Cheesecake Factory initiative or solutions that use mobile platforms to build a stronger connection with the customer – can be the most powerful common denominator in an organization’s customer experience strategy. A positive and delightful customer experience is the sum of all of the customers’ interactions with the company. With these new customer experience solutions often tied to a centralized database of each customers’ preferences and feedback, customer experience solutions can quickly provide a snapshot of the customer and best inform the customer service agent of how to best proceed and provide a personalized experience.

At the end of his article, Joe brings up a fair point, “But ‘absolute guest satisfaction’? I have to admit, that quest seems a bit quixotic to me.”

There are very few companies that are ever going to consistently reach “absolute” customer satisfaction. However, many businesses – like the Cheesecake Factory – not only understand how a consistent customer experience can positively impact their bottom line, but the vital role technology plays in this equation. When harnesses properly, customer experience technology is anything but creepy – it’s positive and powerful for businesses and customers.

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