AgilityAs the cloud conversation becomes much more prevalent, the breadth of benefits from adopting a cloud strategy are becoming more apparent, and important.  There is none more comprehensive and with greater implications than agility.  And with the need for greater agility now becoming critical to maintain ever increasing global competition, the cloud has dramatic advantages in numerous areas that should be incorporated into any cloud implementation strategy.

Immediate Response to Changing Market Conditions

Agility can be dissected into numerous other advantages that can power today’s highly competitive organization.  These include an innate advantage with multiple tenant cloud infrastructures that allow for exceptional flexibility in growth, due to the increased capacity of a large tenant pool that can both grow or decline quickly and gracefully.  This new scalability also allows for more immediate response to changing market conditions ranging from new marketing campaigns, product recalls, seasonal variations or any number of unplanned business changes that can now be handled in a quick fashion and without the long intervals of capital budget approvals, and lengthy on-premise software implementation projects.

The over-riding value of a functionally limitless cloud infrastructure also provides for the keen adaptability to add or decrease incremental application capabilities as needed, and on a specific agent or agent group. As such, the ongoing advances in technology can be implemented quickly, in trial situations, and based upon individual need.  A faster level of responsiveness is available to IT organizations that are challenged to meet the ever-increasing needs of the contact center, which drive a heightened customer experience.

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