Multi-channel customer experienceDave Tidwell, Chief Operating Officer of Genesys partner Anana recently posted a blog on effectively managing the multichannel customer experience . Dave takes an interesting look at a range of uses cases out there and how business need to take an integrated and chronological look at managing customer interactions across channels to be successful. Take a look below and see the complete post on Anana’s blog. You can also find additional Genesys resources that can help you deliver today’s multichannel customer experience, including a video featuring Frost & Sullivan.

Simple Contact Center Use Cases That Defy the Multichannel Customer Experience

In the course of our daily activities as a multichannel contact centre solution provider we bump into many organisations that immediately claim that they are multichannel in their contact centre. At least; that is what they claim until we toy with a couple of use-cases that defy their current multichannel contact centre capability.

Yes, I agree, many organisations now routinely handle inbound and outbound voice, email and web chat as customer service channels.  Some even claim to be on the beginnings of their social customer service journey. Continue reading the original Anana post here.

If you’d like to learn more on how Genesys can help, check out our white paper titled Transforming Customer Experience in the New Digital World.