mobileReality has kicked in for all businesses: having a mobile customer experience strategy is a must. As we’ve mentioned here before, a “360 degree” customer experience across all platforms will be crucial this year as customer expectations of mobile continue to rise.

That said, no one said a mobile customer experience would be easy. In a recent conversation on Twitter with Jeannie Walters, CEO and chief customer experience investigator of 360Connect, about improving the mobile customer experience, she said: mobile is huge. Context is everything. What customers do on mobile is not necessarily a carbon copy of what they do online.

Jeannie brings up an excellent point – there are many options and features businesses can use to design and personalize their mobile applications to make the customer experience specific to mobile, but which ones are the most important?

In my experience, I’ve found mobile features that will enable customers to visually interact and provide an on-the-go vocal element to improve and personalize the experience can be a combination of the following:

  • Voice assistants – Mobile voice assistants allow users to be more productive while on-the-go by controlling search, task and transaction completion services with their voices. This type of hands-free technology increased in popularity with the introduction of Apple’s Siri and is now gaining traction in the enterprise space to enhance and personalize transaction-based mobile interactions.
  • Visually appealing design – Many businesses are struggling to keep up with how to visually design a 360 degree mobile experience. As Alhan Kesler, reporter at said, “Your customers are on their tablets and smartphones browsing the Web, seeking information, often with a transactional intent–serving their mobile needs has become paramount.” From responsive web design to hybrid applications, no matter what businesses use, the bottom line is the customer experience.
  • Be available – It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the 360 degree mobile experience but, customer support plays a huge role. Making the company available and providing 24/7 mobile support within your applications, social media, website, call centers and much more are crucial to retaining and making the customer experience a memorable one.

Companies that provide a true 360 degree customer experience are setting themselves up for customer loyalty. Unwavering customer loyalty doesn’t just happen though – with more and more customers turning to their mobile devices, businesses need to ensure their mobile customer support strategy is defined and acknowledged by everyone involved in the customer experience and that it is timely. As mobile technology improves, the customer is going to rightfully expect every business to be able to provide tailored service on that platform.

We’ve made some exciting announcements to help businesses improve their mobile customer experience, but we’re always open to hearing about companies who are doing mobile right – if you have any ideas, let us know!