social media customer serviceHere is a common social media issue heard from brands all over the world: if one of my customers posts an issue that requires my company’s immediate attention on Facebook, Twitter or other networks, will the message even be received, or will it go unnoticed in the overwhelming amount of social posts online? For many companies, this lack of real-time visibility into social media interactions is today’s “blind spot” in customer service. So, what can you do about it?

As the immense volume of social interactions grows daily, contact centers need to have social media monitoring and analytics in place to listen, respond, and report on what is being said by their customers. Genesys will demonstrate in an recent webinar how this social media monitoring blind spot is often responsible for unresponsive customer service, increasing churn rates and the spread of negative word of mouth about your brand. In fact, recent findings report:

  •  71% of online complaints are already the result of traditional customer service failings.
  •  82% of customers are likely to stop spending money with a company as a result of a negative customer experience.

Are you seeing and hearing your customers on social media?

If you don’t pay attention to your customers on social media, you are delivering an incomplete customer experience. As a result, your customers will move to your competitors if you are not meeting them on this critical digital channel. But, with so many customers to look after online, and so much “other” social media content to sort through, how do you filter out non-relevant content and respond to those important and mission-critical customer interactions in a timely fashion? To do this, your company needs to leverage advanced social analytics. While many companies already use a form of social media monitoring to listen to conversations, most solutions today lack the depth of sophisticated analytics capabilities needed. As a result, 86% of consumer feedback and comments are typically missed, as filtering content manually can be tedious and inaccrurate.

When carrying out social media monitoring, make sure you have the following capabilities at your finger tips:

  • Proactive conversational text and intention analysis with insights.
  • A dynamic response recommendation engine to help recommend the best response.
  • Advanced filtering, prioritization and social interaction routing to ensure the needed posts get responses.
  • A real-time dashboard designed for social customer service.

The latest social analytics go far beyond standard social media monitoring tools to understand the intent of the customer when they send a social message or post. Understanding the customer’s intent is critical in helping contact centers gain insights that will help them respond to critical interactions, measure the voice of the customer, track where issues are occurring and optimize their social channels.

Are you interested in learning more on how to sort through the noise and keep track of your social media customer service? Check out our webinar OnDemand, Using Social Analytics to Check Your Social Customer Care Blind Spot in North America and the UK.