zendeskFollowing the announcement of the Genesys-Zendesk integrated solution for cloud contact centers, we were confident that this easy and simple solution for less than 250 agents would excite the market. After our inaugural webinar, and a follow-up blog that answered some great questions from attendees, we received so much additional interest that we’re holding another webinar to showcase this game-changing cloud solution!

The Genesys-Zendesk integration brings together the best-in-class technologies of Genesys Cloud self-service IVR and contact center routing with Zendesk’s innovative, yet simple-to-use console for customer service agents.

Why Genesys-Zendesk?

The combination of the Genesys-Zendesk solution enables call centers to achieve two goals simultaneously:

1. Increase agent efficiency – First, the Genesys Customer Experience Platform enables companies to identify which customers are calling in, and based on data look-ups, it can route calls to the optimal agent.  Then, with the Zendesk platform, agents are equipped with all the tools & information they need to effectively handle calls in one single location.  The combination of the two platforms significantly improves agent effectiveness, and increases first call resolution rates, which are so important to the success of customer service centers.

2. Personalize the customer experience – Now, this is an even more significant factor in impacting your company’s bottom line. With the Genesys-Zendesk solution, customer interactions can easily be personalized based on past history. As soon as companies start treating their customers as individuals and customizing interactions, customers will appreciate and value their experiences – even those that are customer service related. This level of personalized customer experiences will ultimately achieve what all companies are striving for – building and retaining loyal customers.

Sound like a powerful combination? Discover how you can achieve increased agent efficiency and deliver an improved customer experience with the Genesys-Zendesk integrated solution for cloud customer service.

To learn more, see this on-demand webinar and demo titled, Zen and The Art of Multi-Channel Customer Experience. View it here!