webinarIt is hard to believe that 2015 is already winding down. With many on vacation this week, the office is quiet and it’s an ideal time to catch up on a few webinars that you may have missed earlier in the year. Maybe webinars are not on your binge watch list like Game of Thrones or House of Cards, but the information you get will help not only your business results, but customer experiences too.

In 2015, Genesys conducted over 75 webinars on a variety of customer experience topics including omnichannel engagement, workforce optimization, contact center modernization, digital channels, and contact center architecture. Developed by our internal experts, in collaboration with industry analysts, partners, and customers, the content in our webinars offers valuable information, including best practices, innovations, trends, and more!

To help narrow down your options of what to watch, we’ve listed below our top webinars of 2015.  All are available on-demand so that you can enjoy them at your leisure. We hope you’ll take in at least a few to jumpstart your success in 2016.

How to Leverage Mobile to Improve Your Outbound Customer Engagement

Mobile devices have changed the game when it comes to communication habits and options between companies and their customers. Mobility is now ubiquitous, and this explosive shift has more and more consumers jettisoning their landline phones and becoming “mobile-first” (if not “mobile-only”). Businesses need to take their outbound customer engagement in the same direction or they will be left out of the conversation.

Watch this webinar, featuring Keith Dawson of Ovum, and discover key insights and best practices on how to modernize your outbound customer engagement strategy.

Listen, Act, and Build Loyalty: Best Practices for Outbound Customer Survey Programs

Are you sending surveys to your customers to capture their feedback? For many organizations, the answer is an emphatic YES! Yet, many companies are not fully capitalizing on survey insights to build loyalty. Capturing the “voice of the customers” is actually only the first step. The real benefit comes from the business improvements made to your personnel, your processes, and your technology.

Learn best practices in this webinar and see firsthand how we can help you deepen customer loyalty by maximizing the effectiveness of your outbound survey program. 

When CRM Meets the Contact Center – Improving Business Outcomes End to End

Customers today expect a personalized, positive experience every time they contact a business. By integrating the contact center with an existing or new CRM system, companies can leverage customer data for inbound and outbound contact center operations, better route calls to the most appropriate agent or supervisor, deliver personalized service based on the customer’s buying history with the organization, shrink call-resolution times, and get a 360-degree view of contact center efficiency and the overall customer relationship. This can lead to more revenue opportunities, deepened loyalty, and higher customer satisfaction and net promoter scores.

Uncover how to improve your business outcomes with this webinar featuring Melanie Turek from Frost & Sullivan.

Deliver a Differentiated Customer Service Experience with a Virtual Call Center Solution

Understanding how to compete against large competitors that have more resources is key to your company’s survival. One way to gain a competitive edge is to provide a unique customer service experience to help differentiate your brand or service. Being easy to contact, wherever and however your customers choose – is a good place to start. This requires moving to a modern call center.

Find out how to differentiate your customer service experience with a virtual call center solution – view this on-demand webinar featuring Aphrodite Brinsmead from Ovum.

Eating Well and Customer Experiences Made Easy – A Webinar with Plated

Plated – winner on Shark Tank – provides customers with seamlessly consistent experiences across all channels, with integrated solutions from Genesys and Zendesk. Todd Metzker, Senior Director of Customer Experience at Plated, explains why these solutions were selected and how they help Plated deliver customized experience to their home-chefs.

Watch how Plated overcame challenges to find customer service success in this webinar!

When Customers Call …and They Will. Is Your IVR Ready to Greet Them?

IVR has been around since the mid-80s greeting callers, offloading the contact center, and allowing customers to self-serve 24 hours a day. In many cases, it has done such a great job that it has been developed and forgotten, not reaching its true potential amidst a growing sea of alternative customer interaction channels. This neglect comes at a price.

In this webinar, Frost & Sullivan helps us evaluate the value of keeping your IVR relevant and ready to exceed customer expectations.

The Missing Link: Connecting Customer Experience with Revenue Growth and Profitability

A recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, The Value of Experience: How the C-suite values customer experience in the digital age, found that companies that prioritize investment in customer experience (CX) have better revenue growth (59% vs. 40%) and are more profitable (64% vs. 47%) than companies where CX is not a priority. Historically, investment in CX has been hard to measure, difficult to sustain, and costly to implement. This new, ground-breaking Economist Research Report finds that investment in CX is directly and positively correlated with C-level engagement and business performance.

Learn the correlations between business performance and CX in this webinar featuring the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Moving Beyond Queue-Based Routing for Smart Customer Service

Queue-based routing is no longer sufficient to meet the expectations of digital customers and the business needs of today’s contact centers. The foundation for delivering smart customer service is adopting a data-driven approach that can be measured and optimized to personalize the customer experience and reduce effort.

View this webinar to learn how firms are implementing an orchestrated, data-driven approach to improve customer experience and achieve huge results!

7 Golden Rules for Architecting a Modern Contact Center

Customer service has always been a key issue for companies operating in competitive markets. In today’s connected world, the customer is in control. To move towards delivering omnichannel customer service for the connected customer, modernizing your contact center infrastructure is the need of the hour!

Learn how to leverage contact center technology for significant long-term competitive advantage in this webinar featuring Jason Andersson from IDC.

Redefining the Agent Desktop for Omnichannel Customer Experience

Your agents are only as good as the tools you give them. In an age where consumers go to the web and leverage self-service to find what they need, only the tough questions reach your agents. Customers may be frustrated because they haven’t been able to solve their problems. This means your agents are juggling grumpy customers who expect them to know about their previous transactions.

View this webinar to learn how an omnichannel desktop can empower your agents with context across channels and complete journey history at their fingertips..

Orchestrating Omnichannel Journeys for an Effortless Customer Experience

Today’s perpetually connected consumer uses multiple channels and touchpoints to discover, explore, buy, and engage with companies. Call centers, mobile apps, websites, social media, stores, and kiosks all play a critical role in the overall customer journey. Most companies today manage these journeys from organizational silos that are not ‘context aware’ of the customer or their journey. This results in an impersonal experience leading to dissatisfied customers and inefficient use of resources.

Watch this webinar featuring Tony Costa of Forrester Research and learn Forrester’s three rules for implementing cross-touchpoint experiences.

Building the Business Case for Contact Center Optimization

Does your contact center need a serious makeover to meet the customer experience requirements of today’s digital customer? If yes, how can you justify the expenditure?

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to build the business case for delivering the customer experience expectations of today’s savvy consumers.

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Rachael Royds

Rachael Royds

As Director of Social Media Marketing at Genesys, Rachael leads the Genesys social media strategy globally for marketing, corporate communications, and employee advocacy. Rachael brings over 10 years of experience in B2B, B2C, and non-profit marketing. She previously held marketing...