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5 Strategies to Solve Your Contact Center’s Identity Crisis


Is your contact center having a bit of an identity crisis? Are you at a crossroads where you need to figure out if you are content with what you have or ready to invest in a new way to deliver great customer service? As a customer experience professional, everywhere you look you see tips for Read More >

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Avoid the Social Media Customer Service Blind Spot

Social Media Analytics

Here is a common social media issue heard from brands all over the world: if one of my customers posts an issue that requires my company’s immediate attention on Facebook, Twitter or other networks, will the message even be received, or will it go unnoticed in the overwhelming amount of social posts online? For many companies, Read More >

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If You Build a Cloud Contact Center, They Will Come!


Recently I was watching the classic baseball movie, Field of Dreams – you know, where the farmer hears the voice from the cornfield say, “If you build it, he will come.” The famous quote made me think: if your company asked you to build a contact center from scratch what would you do? Now, wonder Read More >

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Zen and the Art of Multi-Channel Customer Experience [DEMO Webinar]


Genesys recently announced a partnership with Zendesk.  The goal of the partnership is to deliver a single console for your company’s agents, improving their efficiency and allowing them to deliver superior cloud-based customer experiences. Zendesk specializes in consolidating communication channels, information portals and systems to simplify a customer service agent’s workload, thereby improving their productivity.  Genesys Read More >

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5 Obstacles to Overcome for Great Customer Experience


If your organization’s driving goal is to lower customer effort, increase sales, and create more loyal brand advocates, the processes used to route, manage, and report on interactions between each customer and your organization can make or break the customer experience. As an ever-increasing number of companies are turning to customer experience platforms to manage today’s cross-channel customer Read More >

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Considering a Cloud Contact Center? 5 Things Overlooked

Businessman looking at arrows pointed in different directions

So, you’re thinking about moving your contact center to the cloud? We’re not surprised – a cloud-based customer experience platform boasts multiple benefits, including scalability, agility and security, as well as ease-of-use and cost savings – in the contact center and beyond. Yet, what is often overlooked during a cloud contact center migration can mean the Read More >

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