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Five Signs It’s Time to Move Your Contact Center to the Cloud [Special Offer]


These days, business leaders are increasingly moving their operations into the cloud. In fact, industry pundits predict that by 2018, the global market for cloud equipment will reach $79 billion. Yet despite this widespread adoption of the technology, many executives are still hesitant about the decision to migrate to the cloud. Are you on the Read More >

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A Breakthrough Year for Virtual Contact Centers

Executive Perspectives

We recently celebrated the 1-year anniversary of the acquisition of Angel by Genesys. It’s been an exciting year for virtual contact centers and the CX industry in general, and the combination of Genesys and Angel is proving to be a major disrupter in the market for cloud solutions. In fact, the Genesys cloud-based solutions business Read More >

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Take the Anger Out of the Self-Service Experience

Can you help ?

Imagine this scenario: Mary has had a hard day. She picks up the phone and dials into your call center, ready for an argument. But much to her surprise, she is greeted by her first name as the automated agent looks up the last time she contacted the company. The agent remembers what she called Read More >

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G-Force 2014: The Big Easy Way to Great Customer Experience in New Orleans


Each year, we bring G-Force – the industry’s premier customer experience event – to vibrant and exciting cities all over the world. This year is no different as we kick off the 2014 G-Force season in the great city of New Orleans from May 27-29.  And what better place is there to talk about delivering Read More >

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Workforce Optimization is Critical to Success in the Contact Center [Analyst Blog]


Enterprise workforce management is a relatively new idea that can literally transform a customer service organization, and forward-thinking businesses must at least have it on their radar, if not their 2014 priorities list. But just as critical is workforce optimization (WFO), a more longstanding management concept that remains difficult for many companies to successfully achieve. Read More >

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