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Take The Virtual Contact Center Fast Food Challenge [Webinar]


Fast food is intended to be quick, easy, flexible, and always meet customer expectations.  Fast food is available no matter what you crave or where you are, be it at a drive-thru, food cart and truck, or neighborhood stand ready to serve you quickly and efficiently.  Well, what if deploying a cloud contact center could Read More >

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Drive Great CX by Modernizing on a Consolidated, Open-Standards Platform [Webinar]

Complex Organization and Technology

In the world of customer service, there have been two extreme goals that have defined corporate strategies over the years: maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Of course, most companies rarely focus all of their customer service strategies and technology purchasing on either extreme, but they have tended towards one end of the spectrum or the other. Read More >

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Optimize Your Contact Center Operations – 7 Quick & Easy Ways to It!

Grunge Stempelrot MAKE IT EASY

The growth of the virtual contact center is being driven by the coalescing of cloud computing, embedded analytics, multi-channel interactions and a growing renaissance of voice communications in customer experience. A cloud-based virtual contact center melds integrated voice recognition (IVR) and automated call distribution (ACD) features that allow you to rapidly deploy a contact center Read More >

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Is Your Customer Routing Strategy Adequate for Today’s CX? 3 Questions to Ask…

customer journey

Consumers worldwide have radically changed their buying and service-request behavior over the past 10 years – from using multiple channels to reading reviews on social media to increasingly relying on family and friends for recommendations. At the same time, companies understandably attempted to reduce operational costs as economic conditions added pressure. For many, this meant Read More >

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How Smart Is Your Contact Center? [Webinar]

Businessman looking at arrows pointed in different directions

How many times have you called a company, been placed on an extended hold, then transferred multiple times, providing the same information again and again?  For me, it is far too often. So, what can you do to ensure that your customers do not experience these every day, incredibly frustrating interactions with your contact center?  Before Read More >

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