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Take the Anger Out of the Self-Service Experience

Can you help ?

Imagine this scenario: Mary has had a hard day. She picks up the phone and dials into your call center, ready for an argument. But much to her surprise, she is greeted by her first name as the automated agent looks up the last time she contacted the company. The agent remembers what she called Read More >

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Need Customer Experience Transformation? Look to the Contact Center


As more and more companies understand the strategic importance of delivering great customer experience, many are actively embarking on company-wide initiatives to do it. From the marketing department to the mobile apps team to the back office, employees from across the company are engaging with customers more than ever before. The CX transformation opportunity is Read More >

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Fuel Your Brand with High Octane Metrics


Your brand is a lot like a car engine, in which a lot of different pieces need to come together to work properly. And just like you need to feed your engine gasoline or electricity to make it run, you need to pump your brand full of high-quality customer interaction metrics. According to a recent Read More >

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Drive Great CX by Modernizing on a Consolidated, Open-Standards Platform [Webinar]

Complex Organization and Technology

In the world of customer service, there have been two extreme goals that have defined corporate strategies over the years: maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Of course, most companies rarely focus all of their customer service strategies and technology purchasing on either extreme, but they have tended towards one end of the spectrum or the other. Read More >

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