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A Breakthrough Year for Virtual Contact Centers

Executive Perspectives

We recently celebrated the 1-year anniversary of the acquisition of Angel by Genesys. It’s been an exciting year for virtual contact centers and the CX industry in general, and the combination of Genesys and Angel is proving to be a major disrupter in the market for cloud solutions. In fact, the Genesys cloud-based solutions business Read More >

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Take Control of Your Outbound Customer Contact Strategy

outbound contact

From a customer’s perspective, there is often a fine line between being sent a reasonable number of communications from companies they do business with versus receiving a gluttony of repeat contact attempts.  Customers become annoyed and feel disrespected when organizations cross that line with a seemingly endless number of calls to their home, work, and Read More >

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Taking Important Measures to Protect Enterprises from Cyber Crime

What can Big Data learn from an Action Movie Hero

As the cloud becomes a mainstream delivery model for technology and services, more and more large enterprises are making their moves into the cloud. With this movement, however, comes many concerns related to the safety of customer information and privacy in a cloud-based model. In fact, it has been reported that since 2005 there have Read More >

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PCI DSS Compliance and Call Recording

A couple of weeks ago, Aberdeen Group’s Omar Minkara wrote about the risks of call recording in the contact center, offering tips to help ensure PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance. He raised some critical issues, ones that anyone involved in the contact center should not only be aware of – but Read More >

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Garden Ants, Class Action Lawsuits, and TCPA


This weekend as I spread mulch, I came upon an area of my garden heavily infested with garden ants. As you may or may not know, ants create quite a disruption, destroying the fruits of your backyard labor. While I contemplated my plan of action, I stared at the swarm of ants going about their Read More >

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Four Keys for Laying Your Mobile Marketing Foundation


For many loyalty programs, mobile marketing offers the potential to reach new heights in record time, creating positive customer experiences and ensuring sustained customer loyalty. Like building a house, your loyalty program must have a solid foundation and be “up to code” before construction on mobile marketing campaigns can begin. The key to adding mobile Read More >

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