Building a Customer Experience-Driven Contact Center“Although your customers won’t love you if you give bad service, your competitors will,” warns Kate Zabriskie, author of Customer Service Excellence.

We’re all very aware that delivering great customer experience (CX) is no longer optional. For most companies—likely yours among them—great CX is essential for continued success. According to the Temkin Group, if a customer sees an experience as “good,” there’s a 33% increase in spending. But when the experience is a negative one, there’s a 65% decrease in dollars spent.

Clearly, negative experiences damage your brand—and your bottom line. If ever there were a time for urgent, swift change, it’s now.

Customers aren’t that hard to read. They want consistent, effortless interactions using the touchpoints they prefer. In fact, 77% say valuing their time is a sure way to earn their loyalty. The problem is the disparity between how customers view their journeys and how those journeys are typically handled. So how do you create a contact center environment that provides consistent, world-class CX with every interaction?

assetcover-ppc-5_steps_ebook-150318-1053Our eBook, 5 Steps to Building a Customer Experience-Driven Contact Center details the challenges of the “age of the customer,” the business case for change, and an actionable path forward. Let’s take a look at a few key takeaways that will help jumpstart your CX initiative.

Orchestrate Journeys Across All Channels

More than just interaction routing, orchestration fully manages the state of each interaction while preserving customer context across all touchpoints and channels. If a customer initiates a web chat, and then decides to reach out to the call center, the full context of that chat (as well as the history of past interactions) is preserved and visible to the agent. When the call ends, maybe the customer receives an SMS message confirming their order or issue resolution.

From the customer’s point of view, all three communications are related. A CX-driven contact center solution enables you to see the big picture and orchestrate customer interactions holistically.

Personalize Interactions Using Context

With context preserved across channels, this information can be leveraged in real time along with context from CRM and other systems to predict customer intent and connect them with the best self- and assisted-service resources to help them reach their goals.

Empower Your Agents

Agents should be able to focus on the customer conversation rather than struggling with their systems. Give your agents the tools they need to generate revenue and boost customer satisfaction. When agents see a customer’s profile, order history, website activity, and behavioral attributes in advance, customers don’t have to wait for them to research their accounts.

Additionally, continuous workforce optimization can automatically trigger optimization workflows that notify a supervisor of issues, identify agents for training, adjust schedules, or guide routing—all without human intervention.

Of course, it’s not just about the technology. It’s about creating a culture of customer-centric behavior and rewarding it regularly. It’s no secret that happy, productive agents create happy, satisfied customers.

Why Now?

The key to great CX is orchestrating interactions across touchpoints and channels, which allows you to:

  • Preserve customer context and interaction history across each touchpoint
  • Personalize interactions so your best customers get the best service
  • Anticipate customers’ needs to maximize revenue
  • Simplify processes to reduce the number of customer interactions
  • Optimize future customer interactions based on historical ones

Building_Business_Case_Omunichannel_CX-3DIt’s time to build a customer experience-driven contact center to gain the benefits of higher customer loyalty, increased revenue, and better business outcomes.  Start by downloading this tip sheet, Building the Business Case for an Omnichannel Contact Center to learn eleven metrics for building your business case for omnichannel customer service,

Chris Horne

Chris Horne

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