Business Group working together As organizations face increasing difficulty in this ever competitive world, the experience you deliver across end-to-end customer journeys becomes the key differentiation for your brand, driving long term loyalty. With this focus on customer journey throughout the lifecycle, a new executive position focused on maximizing customer satisfaction and operational excellence has developed: Enter the Chief Customer Officer (CCO)! Another C title, I know. But I consider this one a welcome addition to the sometimes crowded C-Suite as it is driven by a very clear business need: managing and improving the customer experience (CX).

Although not every customer experience executive is necessarily called the CCO, jobs like this exist throughout organizations and share many similar characteristics. The job title may be new, but those who fill it generally have been with the company for many years including VPs and SVPs of Customer Service, Retention, Loyalty, or Success. CCOs are hired to solve problems that have been negatively impacting customer satisfaction, but their end goals are to align different departments and organizations across customer channels and touchpoints, deliver a consistent and personal experience to customers, and accelerate company growth.

The Chief Customer Officer position has arisen because more and more businesses are beginning to see significant value in improving the customer experience at every channel, touchpoint and interaction. The perception of the company brand is affected by the interactions customers have across the company, including with the contact center, a website, mobile app, self-service system, and social media sites.

The various points of contact between the business and the customer make up what I call, the “Voice” of the company. If this “Voice” is not well-maintained, consistent, and constantly updated to stay relevant with clients’ changing needs, then your customer satisfaction level will decrease, ultimately leading to diminished loyalty and revenue.

With the development of the CCO position however, a firm can rest assured that the company is aligned around the customer and delivering an optimal experience when interacting with its “Voice.” Maybe we should call this new role the CVO for Chief Voice Officer!

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