During a webinar that I presented late last year, I asked the attendees what percentage of the conversations handled by their organization’s contact center were monitored or reviewed.  Excluding the people who did not know, a significant percentage of the attendees said that their organizations only reviewed 1% or less of the conversations they had with customers!

The poll question and poll results are pictured below:

speech analytics

Obviously, if your company is only reviewing 1% or less of the conversations you have with your customers, you are missing at least 99% of what happens within those conversations, so you really don’t know what 99% of your customers might be hiding from you!

Uncover Hidden Opportunities

When it comes to the millions of interactions consumers have with companies every day, enormous business opportunities are hidden within those conversations. The information that can be extracted from interactions with customers and prospects is invaluable for understanding and optimizing the performance of your workforce and the customer experience your company delivers. Today’s Speech Analytics solutions are the key to uncovering those opportunities and harnessing them to improve your business results. With the latest technology, companies can leap from monitoring just a few percent of customer interactions to 100 percent.

Speech Analytics has delivered the following types of benefits to companies like yours:

  1. Gain a better understanding of why customers contact your company
  2. Discover the root causes of customer dissatisfaction
  3. Improve the Customer Experience
  4. Proactively discover emerging trends within the Voice of the Customer
  5. Improve agent work quality more efficiently and effectively
  6. Improve the effectiveness of sales, up-selling and cross-selling
  7. Reduce costs by maximizing operational efficiency
  8. Boost Revenue

Accelerating Your ROI

The quickest method of achieving these types of results from Speech Analytics is to use Cloud-Based Speech Analytics.  Of course, Speech Analytics can deliver the same types of benefits whether it is deployed on your premises or in the Cloud, but cloud-based solutions deliver those benefits much more rapidly for companies that want to turn these solutions on today.

To learn more, check this on-demand webinar: What are 99% of your Customers Hiding from You? Find Out with Cloud-Based Speech Analytics. We cover the benefits of cloud-based solutions for multi-channel analytics, proactive recording and analyzing 100% of your customer interactions, and key differentiators of speech analytics in the cloud.

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