cloud contact center solutionIf you’re a large enterprise and you think that cloud contact centers are not for you, think again.

As cloud contact center solutions become increasingly available to a broader set of companies, large enterprises have jumped in, reaping the same benefits as their smaller counterparts.

Consider the story of a leading risk management and insurance provider with more than $7 billion in revenues. Leveraging a cloud-based Echopass solution based on Genesys that went live in less than 60 days, the company achieved the following results:

  • 30% reduction in contact center costs
  • Consolidated 2 sites into a single virtual contact center
  • Redeployed 16 IT staff from supporting the contact center – saving $1.3 million
  • ROI in 3 months with annual overall savings of more than $6 million
  • Read the full story here

The adoption of cloud contact centers is on the rise. In fact, the large enterprise segment is among the fastest growing for cloud contact centers.

Are you considering a move to the cloud?

Here are some things to think about when considering a cloud contact center solution:

  • Is the solution customizable?
  • How easy is it to integrate with 3rd party systems?
  • How is business continuity handled?
  • How much has the vendor invested in security and compliance?

The list goes on, and making the right decision now will set you up for growth in the future.

If you’re a large enterprise and you think it’s time to make your move to the cloud, you can learn more on November 20 at our upcoming Best Practices webinar on the Benefits of Migrating Your Enterprise Contact Center to the Cloud, register here today.

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