It’s amazing to see how quickly things are changing in the Cloud arena over the past few years. Three years ago the main reasons to go to the Cloud were almost exclusively cost predictability and TCO containment.  Today there is a whole new set of business reasons popping-up and rising in importance and it’s impacting the adoption of cloud contact centers.

A survey conducted by KPMG at the end of 2012 highlighted some interesting trends on why customers move to the cloud.  Business process transformation and improved interactions with customers are named by more than 25% of the respondents as good reasons to go for the Cloud.

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Source KPMG

Late last year, Gartner issued a survey (around the same time) called “Buyers Tell Us About SaaS and Cloud Adoption Through 2014” with similar findings and conclusions.

The Cloud went from a pure cost killing tool to an actual business value driver in a remarkably short time. In a business world where product commoditization always prowls in your neighborhood, differentiating through unique customer service is key. Customer Service provides a number of great ways to help you differentiate:

  • Quick scalability
  • New channels
  • New applications
  • Innovative customer conversations

With the right cloud platform you can now differentiate on-demand by leveraging the business added-value that the Cloud is now providing.

Scale on demand

Whether your company is looking for applications that let customer service operations rapidly scale to meet fluctuating interaction volumes or for outbound sales and marketing solutions that provide new ways to engage customers, Genesys Cloud has a solution for you.

Add new channels on demand

Where a new channel is usually considered as a new project on-premise, adding a new channel on Cloud is very easy since it is all around activating something which already exists versus building it from scratch. Don’t provision months to add channels anymore, you are now counting in weeks …

Add new business applications on demand

As the Cloud offerings include full hosting and operations, you now can spend more time and energy on differentiating business applications, whether it is Voice portal applications, interaction workflows or business reporting dashboards for instance.

Innovate on demand

Since the new features will be available in the Cloud as they are released on the market, you now have the choice to try new things, evaluate new options as you go and prioritize features based on business needs and not on IT bandwidth and budget.
Customer service is a differentiator for your company, and the flexibility and speed to market provided by the cloud allows your organization to move in that direction far more quickly than you could in the past.

More information on cloud contact centers can be found here.  You can also check out our on-demand a webinar on Genesys Cloud.

Remy Claret

Remy Claret

Remy Claret, Product Marketing Director at Genesys, has over 15 years of experience in Customer Experience Management. He has worked in a variety of strategic roles in his career including Product Marketing, Sales Engineering and Business Consulting. Prior to joining...