cloud onThe predication that CMOs are going to absorb more IT responsibility is far from new. There have been strong arguments – like this one from Dr. Larry Tieman – in favor of why CMOs will rule above CIOs and the Gartner prediction that CMOs will spend more on IT than the CIO in 2017 definitely made its internet rounds.

We could spend hundreds of words, plenty of blog posts and likely, a lot of back and forth with our readers debating what this means for current CIOs, how this will specifically impact CMOs and their respective teams and which department should own what technology solution.

These land-grab discussions aside, a quick Google search on 2013 marketing trends will return results such as “marketing automation,” “real-time” and “context.” While identifying the best strategies and solutions that will fulfill each of these needs is far from easy, we anticipate cloud call center platforms and solutions are going to quickly play a central role for many CMOs, if they haven’t already.

But here’s how it will be different: the CMO’s cloud call center will be more focused on how the business can create more context and personalization. It will be focused on developing more customized conversations with internal and external audiences and ensuring each interaction is specifically tailored to each individual’s needs.

Keeping this in mind, we envision the cloud call center therefore best supporting CMOs in the following ways:

  • Better customer connections – We’ve said it here before: a personalized customer experience is beyond critical to an organization’s success. Over the next year, it will be up to CMOs to identify the cloud call center solutions that establish and strengthen these customer connections as well as quickly scale this level of customer insight to anyone within the business.
  • Stronger analytics – Rather than create more data to source, analyze and summarize, CMOs should identify the cloud-based analytics solutions that easily lead to a deeper understanding of audience behaviors and truly provide a 360 view of what’s really going on outside of the organization.  Marketers understand the value of analytics as it relates to traffic and lead generation, but within the year, analytics will be the key driver to building a more thoughtful customer experience and will help better optimize the processes that directly impact sales growth.
  • Multi-channel integration – With mobile and social media becoming bigger platforms for CMOs, the risk for siloed information and interactions is greater than ever. The cloud under a CMOs wing can not only connect several channels, but also better support any initiative or engagement on a separate channel. For a CMO, identifying how to best connect each and every platform will be a powerful and strategic asset and better inform content personalization.

What do you think – do you see this shift happening in your company? Let us know below!

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