customer experienceFor any type of company today, the ability to deliver a promised customer experience consistently and seamlessly throughout the customer journey, across all channels, touchpoints and interactions remains an essential business imperative.

From a consumer’s perspective, the customer experience journey starts with a brand making a promise, such as easy-to-use products, friendly service, 24/7 availability, fast delivery, and quick resolution. The company sets certain expectations for the customer, and then delivers an experience across its channels and touchpoints, and through its products, people and processes. The customer evaluates the overall experience received and ends up with certain emotions following a journey with your company (happy, angry, confused, excited, frustrated, insecure…). These emotions influence and drive future customer behavior, including staying with you and spending more, and recommending your brand to others – or telling friends and family to stay away from you.

So, what can you to deliver a customer experience that drives the desired behavior you want from your customers – and sets your brand apart? Below are some tips on how to deliver value across the customer journey:

  • Understand as much as possible about your customers, such as shopping and buying patterns, and preferred channels. This allows you to proactively meet their needs.
  • Segment them by their strategic value (financial and business). Treat more valuable customers or transactions with higher levels of service to drive better business results.
  • Map customer journeys across channels, touchpoints and interactions to determine how to deliver great experiences from start to finish.
  • Meet the essential needs of your customers on their first attempt by discovering and designing an optimal route of service delivery. Connect them to the best available resource to meet their immediate need – with no transfers.
  • Continuously learn more about your customers’ cross-channel behavior and improve the experience accordingly – it’s a continuous process.

Understanding the customer experience value chain is the first crucial step in appreciating the complex ecosystem surrounding the service organization’s customer landscape. Executives responsible for delivering the brand’s promise should ensure everyone within their organization understands the linkages of the customer experience value chain and is focused on delivering highly personalized and unique experiences for each customer – across the end to end journey.

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