contact center speech analyticsDuring our recent webinar on The Top 10 Strategies for Modernizing
Workforce Optimization
, we polled the global audience to better understand two specific topics for improving customer experience and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Question #1: What is the biggest barrier to improving your organization’s KPIs?

  • 16% said insufficient methods for evaluating customer conversations
  • 15% said the existence of point solutions for each channel
  • Another 15% cited integration limitations with their ACD
  • 5% said not enough in-house expertise to extract maximum value out of technology

Now, as you can see, there is no clear winner, but across the board it’s clear that a broad range of action is needed to improve overall KPI’s when it comes to customer experience.

Question #2: What % of interactions do you review for Quality Management purposes?

More than 40% of webinar attendees indicated that they evaluate 5% or less of total customer interactions. Really? This means most contact centers are left in the dark on 95% or more of the conversations their agents are having with their customers!

I am sure that in many other situations, just having 5% of visibility is simply unacceptable. Well, I am here to tell you that this is simply unacceptable in the contact center, too – especially with the level of sophistication available in today’s workforce optimization suites.

When we combine the outcome of the two webinar poll questions, it is clear that a better solution for evaluating conversations is needed to increase key performance indicators, such as customer experience and satisfaction scores, average handle time, sales conversions, and compliance.

If you lack visibility across all interactions flowing through your contact center, take a look at the 5 key requirements of a modern speech and text analytics solution:

  1. Record conversations ”end to end” across locations
  2. Record all calls in high-definition and dual-channel so you know who’s speaking
  3. Automatically evaluate 100% of interactions
  4. ”Google” all your recorded conversations
  5. Automatically categorize all calls based on the true meaning of what was said.

Don’t be left guessing what 95% of your customers are saying when they engage with your contact center? Learn more about speech and text analytics to get started.

You can also watch a replay of the webinar here.

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Stefan Captijn

Stefan Captijn

Stefan is Senior Director Strategic Marketing at Genesys. Stefan joined Genesys in April 2000, lives in the Amsterdam area with his wife and two children. In his free time, Stefan enjoys building loudspeakers, cycling and running.