If you’re managing customer experience at your company and your contact center is acting like a customer experience baby, I feel sorry for you – but I can help!  You may not have known it when you took the job, but you found out that you actually adopted a customer experience (CX) baby.  As with all CX babies, there will be some happy times, but there will more big messes, a whole lot of crying, and even a few tantrums – probably thrown by you.

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Fortunately, contact center babies grow up, but they do not mature all at once. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at some key characteristics of contact center maturity to help you realize what you may have to do to raise your contact center up into adolescence and on to adulthood.

What is a CX contact center baby?

Now, even if your contact center is a baby, your customers typically like your company at first.  But when they frequently deal with an infant, what may appear cute and cuddly at first turns out to be a frustrating experience.  Your customer’s service expectations may go beyond what an immature contact center is capable of handling.  If you’re contact center is dealing with any of the issues below, you are dealing with a CX baby:

  • Communicates only with voice:  While CX babies have aspirations to text someday like their older siblings, they struggle just to learn how to talk. So, forget about other means of communication, such as email, SMS, mobile, or social media. CX babies only focus on voice interactions.
  • Forgets things easily: CX babies do not refer to people by name.  A customer could be anyone for all the CX baby knows.  CX babies also have short memories and ask a lot of questions.
  • Makes you work extra hard: Yep. CX babies make customers go through a lot of extra work. No first contact resolution here!  Your customers will experience call transfers, and occasionally, some temper tantrums may occur as poorly trained or frustrated agents blow their tops.  There is little or no concept of a customer journey and front and back office operations are disjointed.

Stop crying and start your contact center on the path to CX maturity 

The good news is that most contact centers that are CX babies grow up to be mature, modern contact centers. To help put your CX baby on a path to maturity, check out the characteristics below to see what your CX baby needs to know to become a mature contact center:

  • Knows customers and personalizes each interaction:  The mature contact center (CC) knows all about each customer to provide great experiences, including interests, buying history, recent problems, and loyalty.  They treat customers as individuals, calling them by name.
  • Optimizes operations with reporting & analytics:  Mature contact centers do their homework. They use speech analytics and workforce optimization applications to pin point problems, marshal the right resources and help plan for your present and future needs.
  • Has a customer experience strategy and plan to execute:  The mature contact center knows that great customer experiences do not happen by accident.  They have clear strategies for interacting with customers – across all channels. They use best-in-class CX technologies that help them create experiences by design, not by accident.
  • Uses knowledge effectively: The mature contact center uses customer data in an effective manner to create strategies designed specifically for customers.  If a customer does not want to speak to an agent and just wants to get things done as fast as possible in self-service, the mature CC knows that and makes it happen.
  • Manages the end-to-end customer journey: The mature contact center knows that customer experiences are part of a longer journey that spans front and back office and multiple channels to help customers complete their goal. The mature CC employs a way that includes all of these dimensions, bringing them together to manage a consistent, seamless and personalized customer journey.

To learn more, check out our eBook titled, Seven Blueprints for Contact Center Modernization.  we’ll show you how to manage digital channels and improve the customer experience.

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Dudley Larus

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