Genesys WebinarConsidering the usual time frame between contact center technology refreshes is between 6-10 years, think about how much the customer experience landscape can evolve in such a short timeframe. For example, let’s look at the rise of new customer care channels in recent years:

  • Facebook is only ten years old, yet has 1.2 billion global users who regularly praise or punish companies they do business with every day. Yes, that’s nearly 4x the population of the United States, and nearly one quarter of the entire world’s population.
  • Twitter is only eight years old with users posting 350 million tweets every day. When it comes to customer experience, Twitter is increasingly viewed by your customers as another customer service channel, and it can make or break a company’s brand position.
  • The iPhone is only seven years old, yet has utterly transformed the mobile phone into an omnichannel pocket computer and a spawning ground for new customer touchpoints.

How does your contact center compare vs. industry best practices?

All these new consumer channels show no signs of slowing down as customers expectations evolve at an accelerated pace. For many customer service organizations, it can be difficult to keep up, especially when it comes to increasingly complex customer routing strategies where maintaining the status quo simply isn’t an option in today’s highly competitive world. As a result, there are likely significant gaps between your current practices and industry best practices.

But, there are many companies that are getting multi-channel customer routing right! By leveraging today’s best practices you can both maximize the value from the resources you have on hand and continuously optimize each and every customer experience – across all channels.

If you’re responsible for managing a call center, improving the customer experience, or delivering the operational IT execution to support customer engagement, check out our on-demand webinar titled Benchmark Your Contact Center Routing: How Do You Score Against Today’s Best Practices? We highlight today’s best practices for contact center routing and give you the opportunity to benchmark your organization against industry best practices. The end goal is to identify clear cut opportunities for improvement in your organization.

You can view the webinar here!

Chris Horne

Chris Horne

Chris Horne has been in the software industry for more than 20 years, building and marketing products for enterprise content management, business process automation, cloud management and enterprise customer engagement. Serving in various roles within startup ventures such as RightScale...