customer experienceLast week, we gave a few examples of how businesses can understand their mobile customer experience that is tailored to their customers’ needs. As customer care professionals identify what mobile strategy and solution complements their organization and customer base, each business – large or small – should consider creating a customer “bill of rights.”

Each organization’s customer bill of rights should be a natural extension of the business’ existing approach to customer care. Here are a few key items that should be on every company’s customer bill of rights in some form to help guide all mobile application decision points.

The right to know whether live help is available

The customer has every right to connect to a real live customer care representative at any time. Customers hate secrets and digging for simple information – ensure a customer care number is not only visible at each screen on a mobile app, website or any other mobile feature, but there is also a live representative available at the end of the line.

The right to access core information

While it’s impossible for a mobile application to answer each and every question, it should nonetheless enable the customer to quickly retrieve the information they need. Customers will appreciate that the company is proactively offering information, ideas and solutions to any question or issue.

The right to be remembered – or not

At every instance possible, use all available data about the customer in order to create a personalized and streamlined experience within the mobile application. For example, past search data and location data can lead to a more customized interaction, which can result in the customer returning to the company’s mobile application. That said, with any mobile feature, a customer also has the right to opt-in or opt-out of any mobile feature.

The right to not feel like a rat in a maze

Some companies will unfortunately create a mobile application that pile on the layers of screens, creating a frustrating maze. Providing a menu or quick links to get back to the mobile application’s home page or to information that is most important to the customer will go a long way and can keep the customer engaged.

The right to a consistent CX

A well-designed mobile application should always feel like a natural extension of all other touch points for a company including their website, point-of-sale, and billing in order to create a consistent experience. Creating a mobile app that complements the existing brand and enables customers to be in complete control of the interactions can result in a positive customer experience and a loyal customer.

Building a mobile CX is undoubtedly the next crucial step in 360° customer care. A strong mobile CX strategy opens up an entirely new channel for businesses to engage their customers, improve customer satisfaction and grow a loyal customer base.

Stay tuned for next week – we can’t wait to share an exciting announcement that can help businesses build their mobile customer care strategy!

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