customer-care-bear-rescue0Recently my son fell and skinned his knee shortly before daycare pick up. As I saw the teacher huddled over my son in the chair, holding the ice pack with the fuzzy beige bear face, making him laugh through those big tears, I knew he was getting excellent care.  The “boo-boo care bear” ice pack came home and lived in our freezer for far too long, coming out to sooth many falls and scrapes. The funny thing about this genius ice-pack design is just the image of the nurturing and hovering plastic bear heading his way whenever he has a boo-boo would stop the tears.

Good customer care is like that – you expect and demand a certain level of care and when you get something personalized, special, extra, nurturing – and most importantly proactive – not even having to ask-  you remember that customer experience positively and it builds a tremendous amount of good will and loyalty.

Communication strategies that take advantage of cross-channel customer engagement to deliver a better overall customer experience and establish long-term, profitable relationships with consumers are essential. It is also crucial to move beyond reactive customer response to more proactive customer treatment to not only strengthen brand loyalty and retention, but to also lower the cost of customer service. Proactive customer care across multiple communications channels is quickly gaining recognition as a fundamental pillar of a quality customer experience.  The Yankee Group whitepaper, Drive More Valuable Customer Experience With Proactive Engagement Across the Life Cycle, shows the stages of the lifecycle and proactive programs to grow, acquire, serve and nurture your customers to loyalty success.

Like the boo-boo care bear, when your customers come to expect and enjoy proactive customer care, they will come to rely on you and your communications.  It creates a strong relationship of trust and makes your customers feel special that you are paying attention to their preferences, reminding them of important appointments or notifying them if you are concerned about fraud on their account. Customers are being welcomed with unique messages that introduce them to their new service or product, and loyalty programs are going mobile and making it all that much easier to participate.

Learn more about customer experience by downloading,  Drive More Valuable Customer Experience With Proactive Engagement Across the Life Cycle.