outbound contactFrom a customer’s perspective, there is often a fine line between being sent a reasonable number of communications from companies they do business with versus receiving a gluttony of repeat contact attempts.  Customers become annoyed and feel disrespected when organizations cross that line with a seemingly endless number of calls to their home, work, and mobile phones – not to mention communications by other channels, such as text messages and emails.

Hammering customers with too many messages isn’t good for anybody: customers pay less attention to future communication attempts from your company, impacting their satisfaction and loyalty, while organizations waste time and money on ineffective communications, hurting overall campaign ROI. And let’s not forget to mention the critical, and often costly, regulatory compliance requirements for outbound communications. The heart of the matter is that organizations need to respect the expectations customers have about the number of communications they receive – if not, you could see your customer satisfaction go down and your costs go up.

slide Cost of Regulatory Compliance

Unfortunately, overloading customers with communications attempts is a common practice these days, especially with the increase in channels like email, SMS and always-on mobile phones.  When customers get upset, they take action, and businesses are paying for it across industries.

With increased requirements on protecting and ensuring a positive customer experience, it’s critical that an organization’s customer contact strategies include the ability to define the maximum number of outbound attempts by device, a defined timeframe, and across all contact channels.  Genesys recently launched a new self-service compliance rules builder for our cloud-based proactive communications solution that lets clients easily create their control contact rules through a comprehensive self-service user interface.

The Genesys Cloud Compliance Rules Builder enables organizations to comply with regulatory and client requirements, as well as with their own internal policies by setting a daily (or weekly, monthly, etc.) limit on the number of outbound contact attempts to any individual customer, with an even smaller maximum on any single device.

Are you getting the number and frequency of customer contacts right?

Learn more about how the Genesys Cloud Compliance Rules Builder can simplify your compliance efforts, tighten outreach costs, and provide a better customer experience with Credit, Collections and Risk at our webinar on Wednesday, April 2. Click here to register for Lessons in Collections Compliance for Outbound Communications.

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