Customer experience_innovationAre you tired yet of hearing about customer experience? Are you frustrated with not seeing the promised results of answering customer questions and solving problems? If you are, perhaps it is because you are investing in customer service and next generation digital channels without understanding who you are trying to reach.  Maybe you missed what is of importance to them and how they engage your business and why.

Steve Jobs said, “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” It is our job as industry innovators to figure out what the customer wants and needs to interact with our business. For most companies this can be a risky approach as it entails financial investment and time to test, deploy and metric in order to show what is successful and what is not.

At the heart of any customer experience is the perspective and point of view of the person you are engaging with. Decisions on what happens next in their customer journey are often made based on interactions and experiences.   We must validate what we think we understand about our customers and take action.


2015 Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report – Dimension Data

The most important strategic performance measurement is the ‘customer experience’ according to the Dimension Data’s 2015 Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report. Yet their findings also showed that customer experience levels have actually dropped for the fourth consecutive year.

The time is now to transform your business’s vision and start making customer experience an imperative. To do so, your work must invest in positive experiences.  As well counter those that are not so great. Individually each interaction you have with your customer is important.  However it is the sum of these engagements across the customer journey that determines the overall experience. Once the customer journey is understood, you need to determine the gaps between what the customer experience could or should be versus what it is today. The ability to quickly close that gap is your customer experience imperative.

Brian Solis, digital analyst at Altimeter Group recently partnered with Genesys to explore the future of digital customer experience (CX). In the video below, watch his insightful examination of why customer experience is the new imperative.

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