customer experienceStop and ask yourself this question: If your brand were a jug of milk on a supermarket shelf, would it stand out against the other bottles? Or would it come across as just another product to price-savvy shoppers? Your business is too valuable to be “just another brand.” And the last thing you want is for your brand to get commoditized or lumped together with all of the others in your space.

Now, an increasing number of executives are focusing on preventing commoditization by fostering a strong customer experience in the enterprise—and nowhere is this more important than in the customer contact center. In fact, according to research conducted by Forrester, 90 percent of customer experience decision makers say that a positive experience is imperative for their success. Further by 2020, the customer experience will be the key brand differentiator—even above product quality and price.

As an executive, you may be wondering whether a robust customer service strategy has any financial payoff before you start investing. But just consider that 86 percent of customers are actually willing to pay more for a better customer experience. Moreover right now, the majority of companies are failing to make the grade as only one percent of customers claim that vendors meet service expectations. Therefore, investing in tools that will help improve the capabilities of agents—such as call tracking and forwarding and cloud-based communications—will give you the competitive edge and an opportunity for tremendous growth.

If you are curious about how you can improve your company’s relationships with its most important supporters then you should view our on-demand webinar featuring software analyst and industry pundit Dr. Natalie Petouhoff as well as Genesys Vice President of Corporate Marketing Keith Pearce. Together, they highlight the economic imperative of providing a strong customer experience. Viewers will learn about the financial importance of the customer journey and how you can avoid common pitfalls and perils across your enterprise.

Tom Eggemeier

Tom Eggemeier

Tom Eggemeier is the president at Genesys. He is responsible for all of the company's customer-facing activities, including global sales, customer success, channel, and field operations. Prior to his current role, Tom led the Alcatel-Lucent global enterprise sales organization (which...