FF-v-VCC-Blog-Featured-ImageBack in the 1970s, a leading fast food chain adopted the slogan of letting customers, “Have It Your Way.” While the bright colored bell bottom uniforms are long gone and the slogan has evolved, the idea still makes sense when it comes to providing a great customer experience. Letting customers choose how they want to interact with your business provides a low effort experience that results in increased loyalty and spending with your business.

In fact, the latest research shows that if you provide a low effort experience for your customers (meaning you’re not making them jump through too many hoops to deal with your business) you will increase your revenue per customer.  A recent study by the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) found that 88% of customers who had a low effort experience increased their spending with that company. The same study also showed that 94% of customers with a low effort experience would repurchase.

So how do you deliver a low effort experience for your customers?

Well, providing an integrated, multi-channel approach to customer interactions is one recipe for serving up an improved low effort customer experience. Ensuring your contact center supports the latest digital channels, such as mobile, social, and web, and making sure that customers can transition from one channel to another seamlessly while receiving the same level of service, is the secret sauce when it comes to delivering low effort experiences. If you have this seamless cross-channel strategy in place with context carried though the customer journey across touchpoints, the results are quicker resolution times and greater levels of satisfaction. Now while this may seem like a monumental challenge, there is one way to get there fast:  Look to the cloud!

Cloud-based deployment models are a great option to consider when you’re looking to deploy a multi-channel contact center, or add new digital channels to an existing contact center environment. With solutions to fit any size contact center, the cloud-based model allows you to get up and running quicker, and provides the agility to turn on additional channels as your customers’ preferences change.

Have it your way – learn how the cloud can help you provide effortless customer experiences across multiple channels, touchpoints and interactions! Learn more in our recent webinar Engage Your Customers Their Way—Why the Cloud is Key to Effortless Customer Experience, featuring Art Schoeller, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester and Scott Kolman, VP Product and Solutions Marketing at Genesys.