The Academy Awards are full of glitz and glamour as the film industry stars—both actors and those behind the camera—come together to see whose work will be awarded for its innovation and impact. Those honored may already have a star on the Walk of Fame, or maybe they’re rising stars looking toward that achievement. Regardless, the awards show is a night of excitement where we’re glued to our televisions to see excellence rewarded. This is similar to the anticipation for Genesys G-Force 2016 Customer Innovation Awards (CIA) Finalists.

At Genesys, we enjoy recognizing and honoring excellence in our own customers. There’s no need for a secret group meeting at the Brown Derby to decide who gets acknowledgement. The visible and measurable contact center project results we see, and the exciting customer experience (CX) stories we hear, tell the story. They make our decision easy.

At the upcoming G-Force in Miami, October 4-6, 2016, you’ll hear first-hand about the global customer success stories that landed these great companies up for an award and also from past winners. You’ll also come to understand the challenges they faced, which may be similar to your own, and bring learnings back that could put your company in the running next year. Next year, you ask? Yes, these transformations can happen that fast.

We’re recognizing this year’s CIA finalists as the best and brightest in eight award categories, including CX Innovator for the best omnichannel customer success story, CX Globetrotter for the best global rollout of the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, and CX Engager for the best digital engagement success story.  Read and watch the stories below from some of our previous winners, as well as a few of this year’s finalists. Then, plan to attend G-Force to immerse yourself, learn from these successful companies and many more, and leave with your own shot at stardom.

Plated Customer Success Story—Past Winner

Plated developed a concept of delivering just-in-time food on market demand—but it was exactly that concept that became an issue. Building the first hospitality brand in this category, they found customer experience was of utmost importance. But as their idea gained market traction and business growth took off, their contact center platform couldn’t keep up, affecting many areas of their business. They moved quickly to transform customer experience with a new customer experience platform that streamlines and automates workflow, provides a better staffing model, and permits Plated to focus on the customer first and accelerate business.

Plated is now better prepared to deliver on their brand promise of customer experience excellence. See more of their innovative approach:


Marks & Spencer Customer Success StoryPast Winner

From the beginning, Marks & Spencer, a global retailer with a 130-year history, placed customer experience at the heart of its business. It’s still vitally important to the company today. To deliver on this philosophy, they set out to transform their contact center to address complex requirements and implement multi-channel. Marks & Spencer moved to an integrated system in order to collect data and metrics to better analyze and understand their business. By implementing an omnichannel approach they were able to successfully roll out their new system across four locations on a tight timeline.

Marks & Spencer implemented an omnichannel model—serving both digital channels and 1,253 retail outlets —and enhanced their CX ethos in next-generation relationships. See how they were able to accomplish this fast and innovative transformation:

Red Hat—G-Force 2016 Finalist

As a provider of open source software and solutions around the world, Red Hat recognized that since the software was freely available, delivering customer experience excellence was vital.  With CX a key element of their success, they focused on unifying their systems by moving to the cloud to assure consistency around the globe. Implementing a cloud contact center gave Red Hat a reliable, unified, global platform enabling the company to function as a virtual team. Now able to handle voice interactions consistently and seamlessly around the world, they’ve improved today’s customer experience and created the foundation for enriched omnichannel customer experience in the future.

Partnering with Genesys provided business optimization, improved agility, and and created a standard of worldwide customer experience. You can view the Red Hat story here:

TELUS—G-Force 2016 Finalist

The TELUS goal was to transform their contact center to deliver end-to end caring at 100% customer satisfaction. To deliver, they implemented an omnichannel engagement model to offer consistent customer experiences across multiple channels. Genesys is an important part of that effort, enabling TELUS to conduct end-to-end communication across all channels, building two-way conversations and relationships with customers. Improving their ability to build caring relationships with their customers increased customer satisfaction to 95%. As impressive as that is, TELUS is still pushing for more.

Hear more about their achievements directly from TELUS at G-Force 2016, and watch their video here:

Vodafone—G-Force 2016 Finalist

Vodafone understood that to be a premium brand provider they had to be available for their customers 24/7 across every channel and touchpoint. Aiming to unify multiple systems and their agents into one virtual contact center quickly and efficiently, they switched to a SIP-based solution and brought in Genesys University specialists to accelerate the transformation. Working with Genesys, Vodafone achieved their goals and now serves their customers significantly faster, has access to previous contact history at a glance, and delivers customer experience that elevates their brand and assures optimal customer journeys.

Learn more about Vodafone how was able to transform their CX with the Genesys  Customer Experience Platform while gaining operational efficiencies for their business:

Want to bring home the CX equivalent of the Oscar?

In Hollywood, luck may play an important role in making a star, but it’ll only get you so far. Creativity, innovation, vision, and smartly executing your work lead to a starring role and successful CX transformation. Making the choice to transform your customer experience will impact more than your customers. It’ll also have positive effects on your employees and your company’s bottom line.

Register now to attend G-Force October 4-6 and we’ll see you in Miami.