genesys customer journeysG-Force New Orleans continued today with customer journeys taking center stage! It started with Genesys CEO Paul Segre who talked not only about the business value of delivering great customer experiences, but also the importance of focusing on delivering consistent, seamless and personalized interactions across the end to end customer journey. The main message: Companies that manage customer journeys perform better.

But, don’t just take our word for it. According to McKinsey, companies that focus on customer journeys can realize revenue growth of 10-15% better than companies that don’t. They can also realize a 20% improvement in customer satisfaction and a 10-15% lower cost to serve. The result delivers both benefits for the customer, as well as the company. How do you do it? Check out the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, which now comes in three editions to meet your needs – from cloud to hybrid to on-premise deployments!

Next up was Genesys VP of Product Marketing Scott Kolman, who took the discussion on customer journeys even further. Scott talked about how companies have multiple customer journeys to manage. When it comes down to it, effectively managing a customer journey is all about helping customers complete their goal or transaction – quickly and easily, across all channels, touchpoints and interactions. Scott wowed the audience with videos that showed the outside-in view of customer journeys for purchasing a product, making an account change and problem resolution. Scott made it clear that today’s customers are highly social and mobile, and more digital than ever.

When the Genesys speeches were done, the focus shifted to our customers and the amazing things they are doing to transform the customer experiences they deliver. It started with Tyler Pichach, CIBC’s Senior Director of Telephony Strategy and Deployment. Tyler talked about how Canada’s CIBC is transforming the customer experience to differentiate themselves from the competition. According to Tyler, CIBC’s customer engagement strategy is driven by four key imperatives:

  1. Effortless Customer Service – Clients want effortless transitions across touch points
  2. Consistent Experience – CX leaders deliver consistent experience across channels
  3. Access to a Live Agent – Voice remains a key channel to resolve complex issues
  4. 360 Degree View – An analytical view to predict and anticipate customer behavior is critical

In closing Day 1 on the G-Force main stage, Airbnb’s Morten Kuhl talked about how they are connecting people to unique travel experiences across the globe. With 600,000 listings in 32,000 cities across 192 countries, Airbnb is truly a global company, and no matter where you are in the world, their goal is to provide unique customer service 24/7/365. Morten talked about how they are using the Genesys Customer Experience platform in the cloud to help deliver on this goal. How do they do it? According to Morten, it’s about being accessible, authentic and magic! And they do it over multiple channels, including telephone, chat, Skype, mobile, email and social media. Wherever you use Airbnb in the world, you can count on a great customer service!

We’re off to the G-Force Mardi Gras party tonight, but check back for tomorrow’s G-Force blog where we’ll continue to share the insights and innovation we are seeing at the event. And of course, more real-world customer examples of what leaders are doing to Turn on Great CX!

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