customer loyaltyMarketing and advertising expenditures this election season in the United States at the national, state, and local level are estimated at over six billion dollars. Countless phone calls, scores of direct mail, social media posts, slew of email and hours of TV ads all have the same end goal- to gain your vote. Strategists comb over millions of lines of demographic, socio-economic and geographic data. But if you think that when the votes are counted and the winners are declared the campaigning ends, you are incorrect. Candidates and politicians, like consumer brands, are always campaigning as every interaction counts toward satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Like voters, consumers have different options. Organizations are marketing to consumers through various channels informing them about the latest and greatest deals for their products and services. Just as voters compare candidates’ positions on issues, consumers compare service, price and access to customer service. But once new customers cast their votes– which product or service to purchase – this is when the real work begins.

Every interaction is a chance for marketers to win or lose customer loyalty. Many of us have witnessed politicians and their embarrassing gaffes or negative comments, but we have also seen legislative victories or heard their first-person voter positive experience stories. Brand interactions can have a positive or negative effect which spreads virally as consumers use social media and post comments online. Negative interactions don’t have to be grim, because turning a negative experience into a positive one can quickly recover “at risk” customers. For example, a customer who recently called into his TV/Internet provider’s customer service center is sent a survey via text message asking about his experience. The customer responded that the interaction was unsatisfactory. The survey results were being monitored, and when low scores were received, a live agent called the customer to gain more insight, resolving the issue and turning it into a positive experience gaining customer loyalty.

No matter which candidate you voted for this election, the winner’s interactions will continue to be evaluated by their loyal constituents and the public, as the next election is always just around the corner. As with politics, the journey to build loyalty is ongoing. Brands should listen and respond in order to close the sale, thereby strengthening loyalty with customers. By continually campaigning using all the customer experience tools and techniques brands have at their disposal, they will keep getting the vote.

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Happy voting!

Rachael Royds

Rachael Royds

As Director of Social Media Marketing at Genesys, Rachael leads the Genesys social media strategy globally for marketing, corporate communications, and employee advocacy. Rachael brings over 10 years of experience in B2B, B2C, and non-profit marketing. She previously held marketing...