customer serviceWith summer closely approaching its time for the Action Hero to take center stage in movie theaters around the world. While the plots will change the role of the Action Hero is very well established and as an audience we love every minute of it. We are all very familiar with the way a story unfolds; problem occurs, careful analysis persists in solving the issue and ultimately the action begins. The primary goal of any action hero is actionable resolution while retaining alluring appeal, but beyond just analysis. But how does this translate to Big Data and Action?

What does this mean to Big Data? There are nearly as many bits of information in the digital universe as there are stars in our actual universe. However much of this data is not actionable. It is stored in databases, shows up in reports and in some cases may end up being an alert in a e-mail. But where is the Action Hero that detects the issue, gathers-up a remedy and takes action for resolution?

Now to Customer Service, where most companies strive to use data to better serve, but struggle to go beyond data analysis. Taking action on customer sentiment, churn risk, overall experience or product issues means linking Big Data systems with workflow systems that can take action, monitor progress and remedy the event has long been more of a short story and not the summer blockbuster desired. Why? Most contact centers are filled with systems of record (CRM, ERP, WFO, ACD’s, IVR and Audio Recording). However in most cases these systems are not linked, not to mention tend to do little beyond human generated reports and dashboards. Once again, no Action Hero.

Let’s now focus on the near future. The ability to analyze systems of record such call recordings between customers and service agents or trends in customer sentiment on experience or product quality can be assignable for Action. What does this mean? Image automatically alerting a product manager when a product defect is detected during customer conversations with helpdesk technicians and providing the call transcripts, CRM records and trending analytics as part of trackable work task. Or image analytics detecting an agent skill deficiency and automatically assigns action for coaching sessions or enrollment into a training system. Lastly, the ability to detect negative customer sentiment and help reduce churn by taking action for a follow up phone call to resolve the customer issue. Alas the Action Hero takes center stage.

What does this mean for the future of customer service? To customers, it means their service conversations have actionable meaning. Their voice is being heard and systems are in place to put in action remedies. To the Service Center, it means gaps in service agent skills can be detected and actions to train or coach can be automated. Lastly to the brand, the gap between brand promise and execution closes dramatically, like the end of a well-scripted action movie.

Assigning Action to Big Data elements will become the Summer Block Buster Action Hero of 2013. No longer does Big Data have to exist without the ability to detect, assign and monitor work item action to resolve the issues or concerns that drive our customers crazy. Automatically detecting agent deficiencies, churn or product issues and assigning action to resolve these issues is a big hit for both the customer and contact centers.