cloud-based speech analyticsWe’ve heard the words uttered a million times in our lifetime, “This call may be monitored and recorded for quality assurance purposes.” But did you know that for 99% of your customer’s, their voice is never heard. What are your customers hiding from you and what insight can you gain from their conversations? You may never know, and it could be costing more than you think.

Now, more than ever, companies are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. Gaining critical insight into the customer experience can mean the difference between increasing customer lifetime value and mysteriously losing that customer to the competition.

Cloud-based Speech Analytics ensures your customer’s voice is heard by analyzing 100% of your customer’s interactions, providing actionable “Big Data” analytics that allow companies to quickly understand a number of compelling business factors, including customer churn, agent performance, compliance, fraud, sales performance and upsell opportunities. Speech Analytics complimented with a Cloud-based deployment can significantly improve contact center objectives with no upfront CAPEX and deployments in days, not months.

Ovum research weighed-in with analyst Keith Dawson’s thoughts on the Genesys strategy for Speech Analytics, where he stated, “The market increasingly demands sophisticated analytics” for three key reasons:

  1. Finding the Golden Needle in the Haystack:  Customer conversations can yield a tremendous treasure trove of insights. In the past, parsing through the hundreds of thousands of conversations was a painstaking and haphazard process. With speech analytics, companies can discern many of the core elements related to customer satisfaction including emotion, keywords and word association, and other variables. From the volume of calls, key trends can be identified—for both anticipated and often unexpected reasons.
  2. Mapping Process and Operational Improvements:  Understanding the root-cause of customer satisfaction maps to many different enterprise processes, affecting marketing, sales, operations, product development, credit and collections, compliance, risk management, and service delivery organizations.
  3. Most Importantly, Making it Actionable:  Understanding customer behavior and customer satisfaction issues, and then mapping them across the enterprise is only half the battle. Taking these reported findings and making them actionable is where the real ROI is measured.

According to the Ovum Research report, “contact center buyers increasingly want their infrastructure vendors to act as a one-stop shop. They want WFO applications to be bundled into suites, with consistent interfaces and user experiences.” Leveraging the insights from UTOPY’s customer service analytics, Genesys can now make actionable changes from its broad customer service suite across the enterprise. These activities that affect the customer experience include changes to routing, segmentation rules, and agent skill sets, enhancing best practices and processes, and delivering real-time alerts. And, Genesys can deliver these results by analyzing the transcripts from any legacy recording system within a company’s customer service environment.

In the past, call-recording and quality management represented table stakes for any customer service organization.  Over the next few years, speech and customer service analytics will fast-become the new table stakes.  Any company not incorporating an analytics strategy into the customer experience will be at a significant disadvantage to their competitors.  In the not so distant future, I expect customers that call into a company’s contact center to be greeted with, “This call may be analyzed to ensure great service and experience.

So, “What are 99% of Your Customers Hiding from You? Find Out with Cloud-based Speech Analytics”. Watch this webinar to learn how iconic companies are using Cloud-based Speech Analytics solutions to drive their customer experience strategy.

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