CXRight now, customer experience is one of the most critical success drivers for firms of all sizes.  In fact, according to Defaqto, 55 percent of consumers claim that they would pay more money for a better customer experience. Further, 73 percent of customers will move on to a competitor if they do not have a good experience.

As an executive, what if you could provide great CX (Customer Experience)—without taking any risks doing it? What if you could maintain total visibility and control of contact center operations, including self-service, without incurring additional costs for expensive software and hardware?

Here is a look at how today’s advanced self-service solutions, including those available from the cloud, can help your company differentiate and provide a superior customer experience:

Personalize the customer journey: For most customers, the journey with your company starts with a self-service.  Providing a positive customer experience starts by integrating self-service with existing customer data and business logic to create a unique, personalized engagement that is driven by context.

Improve the customer experience quickly through the cloud: Modern day self-service solutions can provide a powerful differentiation for your business and selecting a cloud-based solution provides for rapid speed to market.  Cloud solutions even enable organizations to integrate existing applications into a hybrid environment to meet business requirements.

Conquer your high volume peaks through on-demand scalability: Business will ebb and flow throughout the course of the year. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to contact center solutions. You need solutions that can help you scale up during a seasonal spike, and back down during slow times.  A cloud-based contact center offering can provide flexibility with minimal expenses to help achieve this.

Leveraging the latest in self-service technology means your organization will gain access to proven, best-in-class solutions that can help differentiate your business and keep your customers happy. To learn more, check out the recent Gartner Marketscope on IVR systems and Enterprise Voice Portals here.

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