In order to get a sense of the importance of providing great customer experience anytime and any place, picture your customers waiting at a bus stop. When they require assistance, they do not have all day to sit around and wait for answers. And if your company cannot respond in time to answer their questions – wherever they are – all those customers have to do is wait for another company to come along and gain their business.

customer engagementToday’s customers are on-the-go, strapped for time, and increasingly multi-channel, including on their mobile device. If you want to reach them and create meaningful conversations, mobile customer engagement has to be a priority. Customers want to interact via phone, text, fax, email and social media, and they want to do it from their mobile device.

Consider this: recent research from Text Marketer indicates that the average person looks at his or her mobile device 150 times per day. Further, 70 percent of consumers surveyed said they would like to receive offers over their mobile device. Moreover, 98 percent of text messages that are received are read, with the majority of messages read only five seconds after being received.

When your organization partners with Genesys, it will be able to take advantage of solutions that provide you with the ability to respond rapidly and appropriately to customer needs, no matter which channel is being utilized or where they are. With mobile customer engagement, you can differentiate your brand and make more emotional connections with your customers. Consider the the following innovative solutions that are available today:

  • Real-time alerts: The Genesys Alert Me app facilitates real-time, contextual customer engagement. For example, you will be able to alert your customers at a live event that they are available for a seat upgrade in real-time right over their mobile device. 
  • Flexibility: Integrate your customer service application into existing mobile customer service software with Genesys Mobile Engagement.
  • Snooze service: Delay callbacks and reschedule conversations for later with Snooze Me, which allows for scheduling interactions at the customer’s convenience.
  • Location service: With Locate Me, it is possible to correlate service with a customer’s exact location.
  • Live connections: Automatically connect customers to agents with the simple push of a button over a mobile app, instead of having to dial in.

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