Capture Last week we were thrilled to host many of leading U.S. retail, financial, utility, insurance and telco leaders at our Genesys G-Summit in Dallas, Texas. True to form, we once again found that everything is “bigger in Texas”  even the ideas as we discussed how NexGen Customer Experiences will evolve for the Digital Age.

In addition to presentations, we also asked each round table to brainstorm the top three keys to create great customer journeys and to share their table’s key with the other attendees. Here is a quick snapshot of attendees’ ideas for creating great customer journeys.

#1 – Get Everyone Onboard

Customer service alignment is critical and buy-in from the various departments who interface with the customer is mandatory.  This includes all departments that are a part of the customer journey: from Marketing, who may own the mobile app or social media, to Sales who may own web chat, to traditional Customer Service who may own inbound and outbound IVR.  Each organization should be aligned on common metrics/goals for customer experience and meet regularly to insure the goals are being met.

Communication and a customer focused culture were deemed by the group as key success factors for making this work. The best CX technology alone won’t lead to great customer journeys. It requires cultural buy-in from the top down with an empowered CX executive and bottoms-up with an agent culture that encourages teamwork and a strong customer service orientation.

#2 – Take Small Steps on a Larger Journey

Customer journey success starts with small projects implemented quickly with a “fail-fast” approach. Once small projects are implemented, then they can continually improve the journey using a nimble, continual improvement process. It is key to put a stake in the ground and improve quickly and immediately. Companies who try to build everything all at once with behemoth projects often fail to achieve their desired outcomes.

#3 – Build Toward Omnichannel Personalized Customer Journeys

The importance of personalized journeys was the highlight of the day. Data, channel and frequency preferences are the starter set to building great omnichannel customer journeys.  It was also noted that a complete omnichannel customer experience platform approach is key to avoid service silos and to insure customer journeys success. This reminded me of UPMC, a leading U.S. healthcare provider and Genesys customer who as part of their healthcare concierge service created an omnichannel customer care capability and is adding channels incrementally to best serve their own customers.

Didn’t make it to our G-Summit in Texas and want to hear or share other big ideas? As a customer experience leader, you can learn and share new ideas, network and experience interactive demos in our NextGen CX IdeaLab.   Please join us at our any of our upcoming G-Summits around the globe.

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Ted Hunting

Ted Hunting

Ted Hunting leads North America Marketing for Genesys with over 10 years experience in the customer experience industry. Ted has led marketing for innovative startups that led to successful IPOs as well as large enterprise software companies. In addition to...