customer experienceYour company provides ideal customer service when conditions are optimal. But what about when something goes wrong, and contact center agents lose access to crucial applications and customer information? Businesses without a reliable data backup and recovery plan stand a good chance of going under when disaster strikes. According to the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, 93 percent of companies that lost access to their data center for 10 days or more following a disaster filed for bankruptcy a year later—and 50 percent filed immediately. With millions of dollars in revenue and customer satisfaction on the line, the contact center must be one of the most important focuses of an enterprise data backup and recovery plan. Customer service and business operations should continue uninterrupted throughout even the worst conditions in order to create a positive customer experience. Here’s a look at some common situations that can get in the way of a great customer experience, and what your business needs to do to prepare for them: Power failures: When the power goes out, the contact center needs to remain up and running at all times to deal with the needs of customers. Effective cloud-based contact centers must be equipped with all of the power generation tools necessary to stay up and running for days or weeks until normal power can be restored. IT system crashes: End users have no patience for network crashes. In the event of a network crash, service needs to remain unhindered—and the way to do this is by providing a redundant data center capable of handling operational processes until the problem is restored.   Natural disasters: Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and fires can all happen without notice. During these times, customers need to know that they can count on your organization in times of need. Don’t let foul weather and natural disasters get in the way of your organization’s ability to function efficiently and deliver great experiences to your customers—this is when they may need it most. Network carrier service disruptions: Communication redundancy is absolutely crucial for ensuring communication in the event of a network disruption. Contact centers must be equipped with multiple network carrier redundancy to ensure that if one system should fail, another service can quickly step in and take over. A lack of critical applications: Cloud-based applications can be easily deployed from any location, which allows for easy access from any location. Digital needs must be well protected and easily distributed at all times. Are you looking to fortify your organization’s customer contact center? Click here to see how Genesys cloud-based customer experience solutions can help your business float high above whatever problems should arise.