At Genesys, we’ve been celebrating great customer experience with industry awards and events, customer successes, and exciting new product releases. It all started with the 2014 North American Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award for Cloud Contact Solutions, which we received in August. This was followed by the 2014 Technology Innovation Award for Contact Centers from Ventana Research Technology, recognizing the combination of the award-winning Genesys Customer Experience Platform with the IBM Watson Engagement Advisor to change the game in customer self-service with artificial intelligence.

The celebration continues this week as CX Day honored the professionals who make great customer experiences happen every day across the globe!

But, our biggest celebration kicked off on September 4 with the launch of our Retire Your Legacy Call Center upgrade program for Genesys Cloud. And the party is still going today!

Upgrade to Genesys Cloud and Get Your First Year FREE!

If you haven’t check out the program, you can learn more and sign up here.

If you’re struggling to deliver the experience that today’s customers expect – including across digital channels like the web, social and mobile – below are 3 reasons retire your legacy call center and upgrade to Genesys Premier Edition today:

  1. High costs to maintain and upgrade – Legacy call centers of the past require companies to pay up-front costs to get the system up and running, as well as additional maintenance and upgrade costs to keep them up and running. Not to mention the internal IT resources that are typically needed when problems arise. With a Genesys Cloud solution, you can make these costs go away by taking advantage of fast deployments and minimal IT involvement to keep it running, combined with no capital investment and low operating costs.
  2. Difficult to add new digital channels – Legacy call center technology typically involves using multiple single vendor solutions to add and manage new channels. In the age of integrated customer experience platforms, companies can add new channels quickly and efficiently, while leveraging the same routing strategies and intelligence used for existing channels. The cloud only makes this faster and easier!
  3. Disconnected and difficult user experience – According to Forrester, inconsistent service delivery is the #1 perceived risk of not adopting new technology in the contact center. The fact is that legacy call center solutions often deliver an inconsistent agent user interface, which extends on to the customer in the form a disconnected experience. There is a better way! Just yesterday, Genesys launched new user interfaces to deliver a role-based and intuitive business user experience that is consistent across the Genesys platform. The new user interfaces are also portable across a myriad of wearable and other leading-edge technologies like smart watches and Google Glass. Check out the press release.

If you’ve been considering the move to a cloud contact center, there’s no better time than the present to try Genesys Premier Edition. With no capital expenditures or set up fees, you can get your first year of Genesys Cloud for FREE!

Register for our special Legacy Call Center program today!

Slava Zhakov

Slava Zhakov

Slava Zhakov is the chief technology officer at Genesys. He is responsible for product development, setting the company’s technical vision, and leading all aspects of technology development and innovation. Slava joined Genesys in 1998 and most recently served as chief...