Dreamforce logoOn the heels of last week’s Gartner Symposium event where the Internet of Things (IoT) took center stage, this week we will be at Dreamforce 2014 where IoT will again be a hot topic. You’ll see the latest technology on display, including innovations in the cloud, Google Glass, smartwatch apps, and more. Seeing all this new technology makes me think of science fiction movies like Blade Runner, Star Trek, or even Back to the Future 2 (no hoverboards), where every time a futuristic gadget is shown, I think, “Why don’t we have that now!”

More than ever, we are catching up to these futuristic gadgets, making our personal and professional lives that much better. As writer William Gibson put it, “the future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.”

As today’s technology becomes more ubiquitous, we are are living in a smarter world. From smartphones to wearable technology to refrigerators that tell us when our milk is going bad, we humans can easily monitor and interact with smart devices to get things done. What’s even more intriguing is that these devices can even interact with each other – fixing problems before they arise. All of this if having a tremendous impact on how companies engage with customers and deliver customer service.

If you’re at Dreamforce this week, you can get a glimpse of a future that is already here. Our experts will be in the North Cloud Pavilion booth 1025 demoing cloud solutions for Service, Sales, and Marketing.

See the list of demos below:

  1. Agent Proximity Check Out and Forwarding – Reduce service disruptions and solve the problem of agents not checking out when they wander too far from their desks. The solution integrates the Genesys Salesforce CTI, Android application, and iBeacon technology.
  1. Google Glass Screen Pop with Dynamic Website and Phone Integration – Tie, log and track web and phone activities into Salesforce. By dynamically assigning phone numbers to web pages, Genesys technology can be easily extended to other user interfaces, including Google Glass, to deliver caller information before the agent takes the call.
  1. Customer Service That’s Always in Context – When customer service agents take inbound without any context about the caller, they unintentionally create a frustrating experience. The Genesys Salesforce solution allows an IVR to collect information about the caller and pull in additional pertinent information from Salesforce, providing all the history and context of previous interactions to the agent before they receive the call.
  1. Automated Case Creation – Genesys provides the ability for customers to automatically open cases through an IVR without requiring the assistance of an agent and with all the case details being automatically populated in Salesforce.
  1. Mobility for Inbound and Outbound Sales: When away from their desk, sales agents may not have the ability to send or receive sales calls, or have access to lead information in SFDC. With Genesys, a sales agent logged into SFDC on an iPad can make and receive calls with access to the record in SFDC. They can effectively handle the sales call, make notes and follow-up action items, and everything is automatically recorded in SFDC to keep sales moving at all times.
  1. Improved Marketing Campaign Insight: For a marketing department, inbound calls are often not connected with specific campaigns, and are not able to be tracked effectively. See how with Genesys Salesforce CTI, an inbound call can be properly routed with their lead information and marketing campaign attached.

Attending Dreamforce 2014? Meet Genesys at in the North Cloud Pavilion booth 1025 to see our demos live. Register to meet with us at the event. Keep in touch with Genesys during the show: Text DREAMY to 425683. Message and data rates may apply.

Not heading to San Francisco next week? Follow Genesys on Twitter and LinkedIn to see all the event highlights. Contact us to see one of the above demosLearn more about how to turbocharge your business with Genesys Cloud Customer Experience Kit.

See you at Dreamforce!

Rachael Royds

Rachael Royds

As Director of Social Media Marketing at Genesys, Rachael leads the Genesys social media strategy globally for marketing, corporate communications, and employee advocacy. Rachael brings over 10 years of experience in B2B, B2C, and non-profit marketing. She previously held marketing...