Technology is changing fast and IVRs are no exception. Businesses looking for ways to connect with their customers through multiple channels are gathering as much data as possible and analyzing it to better understand consumer behavior and to better serve them through successful business strategies.

There are four major market drivers that every successful multi-channel business strategy focuses on: mobility, social media, business analytics and cloud. No business can afford to ignore the power of these forces and, while there is no secret formula to do so, they must be integrated with your IVR to obtain optimal results.


With the capacities of smartphones growing so rapidly, these phones definitely provide a great—if not a must-have—mode to communicate with your customers. Taking advantage of real-time data, iPhone/Android-based apps and text messages along with outbound calls to keep customers up to date with releases, outages and case statuses are some of the ways firms can stay connected with their on-the-go customers.

Social Media

I get customers asking all the time how they should leverage the power of social media. A solution that enables decision makers to have access to social media channels right on their handheld devices wouldn’t be a bad start. Social intelligence is also gaining traction—I see a lot of value in allowing agents and supervisors in a call center to have access to Twitter and Facebook (maybe even Google+) to interact with and learn from these channels on a real-time basis.

Business Analytics

With the enormous amounts of data being collected nowadays through the vast communication channels in place, business intelligence is more important than ever to take full advantage of the data. Smart phones are as powerful as machines and a lot of computing can be handled right on consumers’ devices. So why not leverage that and allow decision makers real-time access to live business data? Although voice has not traditionally been considered data, a few select IVR vendors are doing an extremely good job in proving that belief wrong. Studying the behavior of callers as they navigate through the IVR reveals more than just the health and performance of an IVR. It can provide insight into what customers are looking for, their changing needs, issues they are having, and more.


Last but not least, everything loses its value unless it’s offered in a cloud. Technology is moving so fast that people are hesitant to make large upfront investments only to watch their investment go obsolete in a couple of years. Pay-per-use seems to be the prevailing solution; as has been said, rightly so, “Cloud has arrived and it’s not whether you are moving to cloud but when you are moving to cloud.”

Talking to businesses on an almost daily basis in an attempt to understand their current and future needs has made one thing very clear to me: today’s businesses are looking way beyond simple voice applications to continually more dynamic strategies and solutions—and they are expecting their IVR vendors to do the same. To be successful, IVR vendors must help customers achieve their multi-channel strategies.

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