Genesys WebinarA few weeks ago I was honored to co-present a webinar with Lori Bauer, the Director of Sales Support at Efinancial.  Though I had spoken with Lori many times before, I was still in awe listening to her describe the amazing results her organization has been able to achieve with speech analytics.

Efinancial leveraged speech analytics to cut their call dispositioning errors in half – in just six weeks.  For those unfamiliar with the term call dispositioning it describes the methods that call centers use to document and record the outcome of every outbound call or the primary reason for all inbound calls. This reduction in call dispositioning errors was the primary driver behind Efinancial’s dramatic increase in revenue of over half a million dollars per year.

In addition, I was also very impressed to hear Lori describe some of the other ways Efinancial is using speech analytics to drive business value, including:

  • Increasing their compliance to regulations
  • Improving the product explanations given to their customers
  • Enhancing the customer experience they deliver to their customers

Now, I realize and respect that shrewd business people may be skeptical when they hear numbers and results that Efiancial has achieved, so I highly recommend listening to Lori explain it in her own words by viewing the on-demand webinar.  You can also read the complete success story here.

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