Mobile-Technology_SmallWe’ve all had the experience of walking into a corporate event or industry tradeshow without any idea what’s going on or how best to find out. Don’t let this happen at your events! Smart brands today are starting to take action to improve their event experiences by using mobile messaging. You can communicate with your opted-in target audience before, during, and after all of your events.

A new world of marketing

The use of mobile devices at events opens up a new world of marketing options for promoters, advertisers, and sponsors, with the smartphone now serving as a camera, GPS, communications device, source of information, and social media center.

Here are a few top tips that you can use to incorporate mobile messaging into your event strategy:

  1. Generate Pre-Event Excitement – Reach out to your mobile subscribers to share what makes your event special. Highlight important speakers or special guests to give your audience an inside track on why your event can’t be missed. Use MMS messaging to share pictures or video to build excitement leading up to the event.
  1. Keep Attendees Up to Speed with SMS – If you’ve ever organized a large event, it’s no surprise that some things may not go as planned. Don’t panic! Instead, send an SMS message to the audience so that everyone is up to speed. This works great for location and time changes on the day of an event.
  1. Encourage Attendees to Share Their Experience – Let your attendees know how to share their experience at your event. Use SMS to promote an event’s social media hashtag (#) or offer an event-related perk or discount to those who share their event experience on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.
  1. Send a Post-Event Survey – Let your audience share their feedback via an SMS or mobile web survey. Large events are usually costly affairs, so it’s critical to know what’s working or how you can improve the event experience the next time around.

Genesys recently leveraged these mobile strategies at Dreamforce 2014 to help direct traffic to our event booth, promote a GoPro giveaway, and deliver relevant messages to attendees throughout the event. Using the mobile channel also allowed attendees to easily provide Genesys with their contact information for follow up after the event.

To learn more on how mobile marketing solutions can bring out the best in your mobile customer experiences, check out the video below!

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